Safe Paddling Policy
The Rideau Canoe Club's Board of Directors has been working over the past few months on a new "Safe Paddling Policy" that takes into account recent weather events, and planning that these and others could occur in the future.

This policy applies to every paddler that paddles from the club docks. This policy does not limit every paddler taking responsibility for the outcome of his or her actions.
The intent of this policy is to explain the use of warning flags to help protect paddlers from hazardous water and weather conditions.

These conditions include reduced visibility conditions, adverse weather conditions, cold water, strong currents, and high water levels on Mooney’s Bay. All participants should know that practicing paddling activities involves some risks and dangers. All paddlers paddling in the cold water season must sign the Cold Water Participation Agreement.

With the new policy, there will be a flag at the dock that could be RED, YELLOW or GREEN.

The red flag means "do not paddle". The green flag means "paddling is allowed". The yellow flag means "sprint coached paddling" only. The sprint coached paddling programs always have enough motor boats on the water for the paddlers safety.

Hopefully we'll have a green flag soon so everyone can enjoy paddling on Mooney's Bay.

Even when the green flag is posted please remember that Mooney’s Bay is part of the Rideau Canal waterway and as such paddlers may encounter large power boats. Paddlers should be aware of other boaters and avoid the main navigation channel. Paddlers are not to approach the area surrounding the dam at any time.

All paddlers 15 and under must wear a government of Canada approved life jacket and have passed the mandatory swimming competence test.

Safe and Happy Paddling!