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Swimming Requirements

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Prior to getting in boats participants must show they have the ability to roll into the water and swim 50 metres (any stroke) and stay afloat (tread water) for 1 minute (as per the National Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive standard). Swim ability is assessed without a life-jacket or other flotation device. If your child is nervous about this process we welcome you to swim along with your child to ease the nerves. 

We offer a swim assessment date prior to the first day of camp for participants who wish to complete their assessment/attempt to complete their assessment before the first morning of their Canoe Kids session. If your child successfully completes their assessment on the pre-assessment date, they will not have to be re-assessed on their first day of Canoe Kids...unless they want to! The assessment will take place at the Rideau Canoe Club dock in the Rideau River, and it will be supervised by a certified lifeguard. No Registration is necessary for the pre-assessment nor is registration in a Canoe Kids session necessary in order to attend the pre-assessment.

The 2017 pre-assessment dates are: June 10 and 17, July 8, 15 and 22, August 5 and 26, all starting at 10 am.