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posted Apr 8, 2013, 9:15 AM by Meaghan Davis
With warmer temperatures coming the RCC is getting ready for COLD WATER training.  When the Cold Water Policy is in effect, Paddlers will only paddle as a group during scheduled coached training sessions.  MOTORBOATS with 2 people (1 coach + 1 safety with boat license) must be on the water with the group at all times.  Paddlers can NOT paddle from the RCC alone while the Cold Water Policy is in effect.

The Club has Cold Water Training Procedures that must be followed:
  •  Life jacket/PFD
    • Mandatory for paddlers under the age of 18 while the water is below 8 degrees Celsius
    • Mandatory for anyone under the age of 15 all the time. With the changing of the age categories at the recent AGM, this year it includes anyone born in 1998 or later.
    • Recommended for everyone while the water is below 8 degrees Celsius. Paddlers over 18 who choose not to wear a PFD must sign a waiver and have an approved PFD accessible in their boat or in the accompanying safety boat
  • There shall be two safety motorboats (with a coach and saftey in each) on the water at all times
  • Paddlers must stay within sight of the safety boat and close to shore at all times
  • Paddlers must stay in pairs and stop paddling if the coach’s whistle is blown
  • In case of capsize, get your torso out of the water as much as possible onto your boat; the person you are paddling with should help keep the capsized boat steady
  • Coaches will consider weather/water conditions and determine whether to cancel an on-water session due to safety concerns.
Regardless of how experienced or skilled you are you MUST follow the procedures.  The dangers of cold water/weather are well known, including hypothermia and shock. This is why athletes, coaches, supervisors and volunteers must be fully prepared and trained for all situations and they must be aware of the risks.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the effects of cold water.