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posted Jun 14, 2013, 10:44 AM by Meaghan Davis

Yes! With the number of paddlers we have in each age group now a WAR CANOE is what we need.
You can help raise the funds to get the WAR CANOE taking advantage of the FUNDSCRIP program.
With FUNDSCRIP you can get “gift cards” for almost anything you buy every day. FUNDSCRIP will give back a percentage of the amount of which half will go to the WAR CANOE fund and half to you!
For instance (Amount at Percentage is Money Back):
  • you are a book lover and buy books to read during the regattas at Chapters ($25 at 7% is $1.75)
  • you have a dog, or a cat, or a fish, and buy your pet stuff at PetSmart ($25 at 4% is $1.00)
  • you are redecorating your house or getting extra stuff for the summer at Pier 1 Imports ($50 at 7% is $3.50)
  • you are having a baby shower and want to give a nice present from Roots Kids ($50 at 7% is $3.50)
  • you have your home office and buy stuff at Staples ($50 at 3% is $1.50)
  • your family goes to the movies once or twice a month to Cineplex Theaters ($100 at 4% is $4.00)
  • you fill up your car’s gas tank twice a month ($125 at 2% is $2.50)
  • you do your groceries at Loblaws, Your Independent Grocer, food BASIC$, or Metro ($300 at 3% is $9.00)
  • you are planning to do some renovations this summer buying at Home Depot ($500 at 3% is $15.00)
  • you have a latté every now and then at Starbuck’s ($25 at 5% is $1.25)
  • you get your training gear at the Running Room ($100 at 6% is $6.00)
  • you are planning a fancy vacation at a Fairmont Hotel ($250 at 10% is $25)
The total Money Back would be $74.00$37.00 towards theWAR CANOE and $37.00 back to YOU!
The list of participating retailers and the percentage they give back can be seen going to http://www.fundscrip.com/ and look for Retailers / Participating Retailers at the top of the page/
Buy your cards by Monday, June 17.
If you haven’t registered yet go online to www.fundscrip.com.
  • Click on Sign Up at the top right corner
  • Enter your name, a valid email address, postal code, and the following Invitation code: Z6LG5G
  • You will receive an email requesting confirmation of email address.
  • Once you click the link in the email, you can enter additional profile info.
Just do it!