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Bantam Update

posted Apr 19, 2013, 11:16 AM by Meaghan Davis
email from Cheyanne:

Hey Guys! 

Spring is here!!! This an exciting time of year, because it means that all our hard work over the winter is about to pay off when we get to go on the water!!!! It also means there is lots of organizing to take care of before we get to paddle. 

1. Bantams will start getting on the water in May (date TBD). This is weather dependent! 

2. Tomorrow, April 20th, we will be doing an adventure run- Amazing Race style. Athletes- If you have one, please bring a phone or ipod that records video- this will be how we know you made it to every checkpoint! (Details to come at practice) 

3. Next Saturday, April 27th, is the Spring Rideau Canoe Club Clean-up Day! Paddling is a sport that relies heavily on equipment, and we must ensure that it is in good working order and properly taken care of. The more organized, maintained and efficient the equipment is, the less time we have to spend worrying about it before we get on the water every day! The Clean-Up will take place right after practice at 10 am on Saturday, April 27th (you can have a quick break to eat and rehydrate before we get into the cleaning!) Everyone is expected to attend and help out. 

4. On the SAME DAY, Saturday, April 27th, we are going to have a Bring a Friend Day! Invite your school friends, or friends from your other activities (hockey, skiing, running, etc) to come try the Canoe Club for the morning! We all know how awesome the Canoe Club is, and we can never have too many bantams in our program! Your friends are welcome to stay and help at the Clean Up after if they want! (If anyone needs volunteer hours I can sign a form). 

5. The NEXT Saturday, May 4th, we have two events going on. First of all, it is the Spring Open House. This is where parents can come and meet the coaches/ask any questions they might have. It is also an opportunity to register for this year! (See more about registration in point 7). 

6. May 4th is also the EpiPen Take Action EventIt's a 5K run/walk. Their goal is to create awareness of anaphylaxis, allergies and asthma and to bring the allergic community together to raise funds for research and education into allergic disease. 
Here is the website for details: https://aaia.raiseapp.ca/the-locations/ottawa
Here are some excellent reasons to participate: 
Our Bantam athletes regularly run 5K or more. It would be great if the athletes could participate in an organized  community run:
1. to give them a variety of running courses;
2. so that the athletes can get be officially timed;
3. to do an event together with families who want to participate;
4. to raise awareness for the Rideau Canoe Club;
5. to raise money for a good cause; and 
6. because it would be fun!

If your child wants to participate, (and I encourage them to do so) it is your responsibility to register them and supervise them while at the event. If you are unable to make it, I am happy to put you in contact with another parent who you may be able to carpool with. Because of the Open House (see above) I am unable to attend the event, so your child would attend this event INSTEAD of practice for May 4th. We will still run a practice at the canoe club for those who cannot make it to the EpiPen Take Action Event. 

Please respond ASAP (April 22 at the latest) if you are planning on entering your child so I can help coordinate drives. 

7. We now have online registration for club membership and program registration!! Most of you have registered either for winter or for early spring. These programs (and your last years club membership) expire at the beginning of May. In order to register for a club membership for this coming year, you must go online to http://www.rideaucanoeclub.ca/home/membership/registration. You must also register for the bantam program (or peewee if your child is a peewee). I believe there is an option to sign up for spring, summer and fall programs all together, or you can do them separately. Any questions about registration should be directed to info@rideaucanoeclub.ca

Wew! Congrats if you made it to the end of this long email! I am almost done exams (yay!) so I will have more time to send out regular reminders about all these events. 
Please contact me if you have any questions!! 

Have a great weekend!