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U14 Sprint Fall

For boys and girls from 9 to 14 years old
The best decision you'll make for your children
September 7 to October 24, 2020

After school and weekend workouts are a great way to improve paddling technique, strength, and fitness! Many children join the fall program after the summer programs. New paddlers are welcome! If you want to try out before you commit to a year long membership check out our Intro to Sprint Paddling.

Age Groups
    U10 - 10 and 9 years old - Born in 2010 and 2011
    U12 - 12 and 11 years old - Born in 2008 and 2009
    U13 - 13 years old - Born in 2007
    U14 - 14 years old - Born in 2006

Dates and Times
     From September 7 to October 24, 2020
          Tuesday, Thursday (5:30 pm- 7 pm)
          Saturday (10 am- 12 pm)
          Monday, Wednesday, Friday (5:30 pm- 7:30 pm)
          Saturday (10 am- 12:30 pm)
          Monday, Wednesday, Friday (5:30 pm- 7:30 pm)
          Saturday (10 am- 12:30 pm)
          Monday through Friday (4 pm- 6:30 pm) 
          Saturday (8 am- 10:30 am)

Club membership is required to participate in the Sprint Paddling Programs. Membership covers the full calendar year. There are individual and family memberships available. Click here to join the Rideau Canoe Club as a member.

Pricing & Registration
         September Sprint Program U10 - $61 Register U10
         Fall Sprint Program U12 - $187 Register U12
         Fall Sprint Program U13 - $187 Register U13
         Fall Sprint Program U14 - $286 Register U14

Covid-19 Safety Measures
  • Staggered start times to avoid crowding (will be communicated by your coach) 
  • The gym is currently closed; safety protocols will be communicated should the RCC open the gym during Fall 
  • Social distancing practices 
  • The clubhouse will remain closed   
  • Equipment will be sanitized after use 
  • Flow of traffic patterns will be in place for getting on and off the water
  • Rules are in place for on-water rescue scenarios