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Sprint Stories

31/01/2019 - At the 2018 Nationals the Rideau Canoe Club's paddlers won gold medal in 21 events. One of the events dear to the club is the Senior Women K-4 500m as the trophy awarded to the winner is the Sue Holloway Trophy. Read about the Rideau paddlers successes in the Senior Women K-4 500m over the years and what are the possibilities for the foreseeable future...

31/01/2019 - One of the most exciting races during the 2018 Canadian Spring Canoe Kayak Championships in Sherbrooke, QC, was the Senior Men C-15 1000 m because Burloak had won it for the last 14 years. In the end it was the cherry on top of the overall burgee! Read what Reid Farquharson had to say about that race...

31/01/2019 - Yesterday at the 2019 Ottawa Sports Awards the Rideau Canoe Club received one:

30/01/2019 - The U18+ athletes getting ready for the RCC Florida Spring Training Camp!
Burgee fever

29/01/2019 - The U16 Program athletes are getting ready for the RCC Florida Spring Training Camp!
Burgee fever