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Program (Fall, 2009)

Please note that all athletes using RCC facilities (clubhouse, annex, changerooms, etc.) are required to be registered and up-to-date with fees owing.

For previous RCC members, please ensure that your membership is current and that all fees are paid.

For non-RCC (out-of-town) athletes, you must register to continue using the facilities. There are two options:

- $100 for coached fall training (until end of Oct) and fall/winter boat storage (until spring 2010)
- $60 for fall/winter boat storage (until spring 2010)

To register, please complete the form below and pay the required amount by October 1, 2009.  Payment (cheques/cash) can be made payable to Rideau Canoe Club and given to RCC coach, Graeme Lind. For more information, please email graeme.lind@gmail.com.