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EOD Status Regatta

We are pleased to invite you to the EOD Status Regatta in Mooney's Bay this coming July 16th. We are looking forward to hosting this event to try out your crews before the EOD Qualifiers, Ontario's, and Nationals.


Please find the entry form below, as well as the order of events. 
Please have your entries submitted to coach.andres@rideaucanoeclub.ca by Tuesday July 11th.

Heats + Finals
With the events that have more than 8 entries, we will be running heats and finals. We will have A and B finals where this occurs. The progression will work as follows:
2 Heats: Top 3 + Next 2 BT to A Final; Next 8 BT to B Final
3 Heats: Top 2 + Next 2 BT to A Final; Next 8 BT to B Final
4 Heats: Top 2 to A Final; Next 8 BT to B Final

Scratch Meeting
The scratch meeting will be held at in the lobby of the Rideau Canoe Club at 6:45 am on Sunday July 16th.

We are still looking for volunteers for this regatta. If any of your members wish to help, please register through iVolunteer: http://ckc-eod.ivolunteer.com/ocupott_016