Rideau Athletes Claim 3 Medals at Pan Am Games

Hodges wins Silver and Bronze in Men’s Canoe, Hardy-Kavanagh takes Bronze in Women’s Canoe

Ottawa, July 29 – 
Rideau Canoe Club athletes Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh and Drew Hodges had a banner day on the water in Lima, Peru, winning Bronze medals in their C2 and C1 races respectively, at the Pan Am Games.   For Hodges, it was his second medal of the Games, after winning Silver in the Men’s C2-1000m race on Saturday.
“The Games were an amazing experience.   The course is like nothing I’ve ever raced on” said Hodges, following his race this morning.  Hodges also added “The people of Peru have been amazing to us.   We stop and take pictures with local residents, and it makes us just as happy as it makes them.   We are looking forward to cheering on our Canoe Kayak teammates tomorrow and Team Canada throughout the rest of the Games”. 
“It has been a great couple of days for the Rideau Canoe Club” said Rideau Commodore Tom Hoferek.   “We’ve been following the results all weekend, and to see both Drew and Rowan win medals today reflects the great showing for our Canoe Kayak Canada athletes at the Pan Am Games” 
“We are proud to have them call the Rideau Canoe Club home!” said Hoferek.

Drew Hodges (L) and Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh  / Lima, Peru July 29   Courtesy: Drew Hodges

About the Rideau Canoe Club

The Rideau Canoe Club is one of Canada’s oldest canoe clubs, and one of the City of Ottawa’s longest continually operating sports facilities.   Rideau Canoe Club Paddlers have been racing on the Rideau Canal and Mooney’s Bay since 1902.  Over the past 117 years, the Rideau Canoe Club has produced 10 Olympians, and Rideau athletes have won the Sprint Canoe and Kayak National Club Championship Burgee 8 times.  Rideau is currently the defending National Champion, having won the 2018 Burgee last August in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

The Rideau Canoe Club is proud to be hosting the 2020 Sprint Canoe Kayak National Championships from August 25-30, 2020.

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Hector Carranco
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Rideau Canoe Club
2018 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Champions


Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh is a Canoe athlete with the Rideau Canoe Club.  Hardy-Kavanagh started paddling in 2007 at age 11, when she joined the Rideau Canoe Club’s “Intro to Racing” program.  


Originally a kayaker, Hardy-Kavanagh won a number of national titles in crew boats with the Rideau Canoe Club, before making a transition to canoeing in 2016. 


Her ability to shift disciplines and have success in her new sport was remarkable, with Hardy-Kavanagh competing and earning a spot on Canada’s national team in 2017.  Hardy-Kavanagh competed in the u23 World Championships where she won bronze in the C2-200m.  She also competed for Team Ontario in the 2017 Canada Games, winning 4 medals.  In 2018, Hardy-Kavanagh again represented Canada at several World Cup races in Europe, and competed at the Pan American Sprint Canoe Championships in Halifax, winning 3 medals, including Gold in the Women’s C2-200m.


Over the years, Rowan has helped coach Rideau’s young paddlers, and is working on completing her degree in Psychology at Carleton University. 


Hardy-Kavanagh won bronze in the Women’s C2-500m event.


Drew Hodges is a Canoe athlete with the Rideau Canoe Club.   An Ottawa native, he started paddling at the age of 15 in 2008, after deciding to make a change from playing competitive hockey.  

Hodges was first selected to the national team in 2013, where he represented Canada at the Pan Am Canoe and Kayak Championships in Puerto Rico, finishing 4th in the Men’s C1-1000m.  He has subsequently competed for Canada at both the Senior World Championships and u23 World Championships with Top 10 finishes at both events.   In addition, Drew won 4 medals at the 2013 Canada Games, including a Gold, 2 Silvers and a Bronze representing Ontario.

When not training with the Men’s National Team, Hodges has completed his Business Degree at Carleton University, and plans to pursue an MBA.  It’s also not hard to find Drew down on the dock at the Club, encouraging our younger athletes as they learn the sport.

Hodges won silver in the Men’s C2-1000m with Craig Spence from Senobe Canoe Club, and bronze in the Men’s C-1 1000m