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2018 Canada Cup | Canada Day International Regatta

2018 Canada Cup
Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1, 2018
Sanctioned by Canoe Kayak Canada 

The Rideau Canoe Club will host the traditional RCC Canada Day International Regatta on Mooney's Bay on June 30 and July 1st, 2018.

  • Men KL 1
  • Men KL 2
  • Men KL 3
  • Men VL 1
  • Men VL 2
  • Men VL 3
  • Open Mixed C-15 200m
  • Open Men C-1 1000m
  • Open Men C-1 200m
  • Open Men C-1 5000m
  • Open Men C-2 1000m
  • Open Men C-2 200m
  • Open Men C-4 1000m
  • Open Men C-4 200m
  • Open Men K-1 200m
  • Open Men K-1 1000m
  • Open Men K-1 5000m
  • Open Men K-2 1000m
  • Open Men K-2 200m
  • Open Men K-4 1000m
  • Open Men K-4 500m
  • Open Mixed ID 200m
  • Open Women C-1 200M
  • Open Women C-1 5000m
  • Open Women C-1 500M
  • Open Women C-2 200M
  • Open Women C-2 500M
  • Open Women C-4 200m
  • Open Women C-4 500m
  • Open Women K-1 200m
  • Open Women K-1 500m
  • Open Women K-1 5000m
  • Open Women K-2 200m
  • Open Women K-2 500m
  • Open Women K-4 200m
  • Open Women K-4 500m
  • Senior Men K-4 200m
  • U16 Men C-1 1000m
  • U16 Men C-1 200m
  • U16 Men C-2 1000m
  • U16 Men C-4 1000m
  • U16 Men IC-4 1000m
  • U16 Men K-1 1000m
  • U16 Men K-1 200m
  • U16 Men K-2 1000m
  • U16 Men K-4 1000m
  • U16 Mixed C-15 200m
  • U16 Women C-1 200m
  • U16 Women C-1 500m
  • U16 Women C-2 500m
  • U16 Women C-4 500m
  • U16 Women K-1 200m
  • U16 Women K-1 500m
  • U16 Women K-2 500m
  • U16 Women K-4 500m
  • U18 Men C-1 1000m
  • U18 Men C-1 200m
  • U18 Men C-2 1000m
  • U18 Men C-2 200m
  • U18 Men IC-4 1000m
  • U18 Men K-1 1000m
  • U18 Men K-1 200m
  • U18 Men K-2 1000m
  • U18 Men K-2 200m
  • U18 Men K-4 1000m
  • U18 Mixed C-15 200m
  • U18 Women C-1 200m
  • U18 Women C-1 500m
  • U18 Women C2 200m
  • U18 Women C-2 500m
  • U18 Women C-4 500m
  • U18 Women K1 500m
  • U18 Women K-1 200m
  • U18 Women K2 500m
  • U18 Women K-2 200m
  • U18 Women K-4 500m
  • Women KL 1
  • Women KL 2
  • Women KL 3
  • Women VL 1
  • Women VL 2
  • Women VL 3
  • June 30 (Day 1)
  • July 1st (Day 2)
  • The entry fee for the event is $65.00 per athlete + $5.00 levy fee* for the two days of the event. Your fee includes the Closing Banquet on Sunday after the competition.
  • For international athletes it is $65 + $10 levy fee*.
  • Clubs/Teams are required to pay 50% of their total fees upon registering through online payments or a check made out to the Rideau Canoe Club and mailed to 804 Hogs Back Road, Ottawa ON K2C 0B1.
  • Email transfers to admin@rideaucanoeclub.ca are accepted.
  • Clubs/Teams are required to make their final payment of fees no later than the Scratch meeting.
  • Friday, June 29, 5 pm, at the Mike Scott Lounge of the Rideau Canoe Club
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    • The Rideau Canoe Club is located less than 10 Km from the Ottawa International Airport. There are direct flights from different cities in the United States and from Toronto and Montreal international airports.
    • Clubs/Teams will need to arrange their own ground transportation from and to the airport and during the competition.
    • Everyone is invited to the banquet at the end of the second day (Sunday, July 1st) --starting at around 3:30pm. The banquet is included in the athlete's entry fee.
    • For spectators the cost will be $10.00 per person.
    • The regatta will be run under ICF rules, with potentially some minor modifications to accommodate the schedule.