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2017 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships

The Rideau Canoe Club finished second of 43 clubs at the 118th Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships that took place at the Welland International Flatwater Centre in Welland, ON from August 22 to 26. 

Almost 80 Rideau athletes traveled to Welland to represent Ottawa’s Rideau Canoe Club. The Rideau athletes won 22 gold, 20 silver and 18 bronze medals and added 777 points over the course of the five days to be second overall after first place Maskwa Aquatic Club with 794 points.

Rideau athletes received 3 burgees!
  • U17 Men's Championship Burgee
  • Junior Women's Championship Burgee and 
  • Senior Women's Championship Burgee
U17 Men
Junior Women                                                        Senior Women

Some of the outstanding performing athletes were:
  • Stephen Frodsham won 5 gold medals (JUNIOR Mixed C-15 200m with Andres Carranco and crew, SENIOR Men C-1 200m, JUNIOR Men C-1 500m, SENIOR Men C-2 200m and SENIOR Men C-2 500m both with Ben Tardioli)
  • Lexy Vincent won 5 gold medals (JUNIOR Women K-1 500M, JUNIOR Women K-1 1000M, SENIOR Women K-2 1000M with Madeleine Schmidt, JUNIOR Women K-2 1000M with Kate Braddon and JUNIOR Women K-2 500M with August Sibthorpe)
  • Madeleine Schmidt won 5 gold medals (SENIOR Women K-1 200M, SENIOR Women K-1 1000M, SENIOR Women K-1 500M, SENIOR Women K-2 1000M with Lexy Vincent and SENIOR Women K-2 500M with Kate Braddon)
  • Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh won 4 gold medals (JUNIOR Women C-1 500M, JUNIOR Women C-1 200M, JUNIOR Women C-2 500M with Courtney Spratt and JUNIOR Mixed C-15 200m with Andres Carranco and crew)
  • Andres Carranco won 2 gold medals as captain of the JUNIOR Mixed C-15 200m and the U17 Men C-15 500M
These are the 22 Rideau 2017 Gold Medalists and Canadian Champions:
  1. U16 Men C-1 200m: Matthew O'NEILL
  2. SENIOR Women K-1 200M: Madeline SCHMIDT
  3. SENIOR Men C-1 200M: Stephen FRODSHAM
  4. JUNIOR Women K-1 500M: Lexy VINCENT
  5. JUNIOR Women C-1 500M: Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH
  6. JUNIOR Women C-1 200M: Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH
  7. JUNIOR Men C-1 500M: Stephen FRODSHAM
  8. U16 Women K-1 1000m: Maren BRADLEY
  9. SENIOR Women K-1 1000M: Madeline SCHMIDT
  10. SENIOR Women K-1 500M: Madeline SCHMIDT
  11. JUNIOR Women K-1 1000M: Lexy VINCENT
  12. SENIOR Women K-2 1000M: Madeline SCHMIDT, Lexy VINCENT
  13. JUNIOR Women K-2 1000M: Kate BRADDON, Lexy VINCENT
  14. JUNIOR Women C-2 500M: Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH, Courtney SPRATT
  16. SENIOR Men C-2 200M: Stephen FRODSHAM, Ben TARDIOLI
  17. SENIOR Men C-2 500M: Stephen FRODSHAM, Ben TARDIOLI
  18. MASTER Women C-1 500m: Isabelle FRADETTE
  19. U17 Men C-15 500M: Andres CARRANCO (Captain), Olan BRADFORD, Cian BRUSHETT, Jarod BRUSHETT, Alessandro BUSA, Patrick FAHEY, James FRETSCHNER, Logan GAUTHIER, Kieran GRAHAM, Alexander HOFEREK, Matthew O'NEILL, Jacob PRICE, Adam RICHARD, Alec SIBTHORPE, Michael SILVEIRA
  20. SENIOR Women K-2 500M: Kate BRADDON, Madeline SCHMIDT
  21. OPEN Men K-1 200m ID: Samuel GALAZKA
  22. JUNIOR Women K-2 500M: August SIBTHORPE, Lexy VINCENT
                        The Silver Medalists are:
                        1. U19 Men K-1 200M : Scott BRADDON
                        2. SENIOR Women C-1 200M: Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH
                        3. U17 Women C-1 200m: Michaela ERMANOVICS
                        4. U17 Men C-1 6000M: Adam RICHARD
                        5. U16 Men C-1 1000m: Matthew O'NEILL
                        6. U19 Men C-1 1000M: Isaac FINKELSTEIN
                        7. U19 Men K-1 1000M: Scott BRADDON
                        8. U16 Women K-1 1000m: Olivia PUCCI
                        9. SENIOR Women C-1 500M: Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH
                        10. JUNIOR Women C-1 1000M: Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH
                        11. JUNIOR Men C-2 1000M: Stephen FRODSHAM, Ben TARDIOLI
                        12. U19 Men K-4 1000M: Scott BRADDON, Bryan DAVEY, Owen RAINBOTH, Jacob SMITH
                        13. U17 Women K-2 500M: Maren BRADLEY, Olivia PUCCI
                        14. U17 Men K-2 1000M: Alessandro BUSA, Alexander HOFEREK
                        15. JUNIOR Women K-2 200M: Kate BRADDON, August SIBTHORPE
                        16. U19 Men K-2 1000M: Scott BRADDON, Bryan DAVEY
                        17. SENIOR Women K-4 500M: Melissa BLACK, Diana DEEK, Madeline SCHMIDT, Lexy VINCENT
                        18. U17 Men C-4 1000M: Olan BRADFORD, Kieran GRAHAM, Adam RICHARD, Alec SIBTHORPE
                        19. JUNIOR Women K-4 500M: Melissa BLACK, Kate BRADDON, Olivia PUCCI, August SIBTHORPE
                        20. OPEN Women K-4 200M: Kate BRADDON, Madeline SCHMIDT, August SIBTHORPE, Lexy VINCENT
                        The Bronze Medalists are:
                        1. U19 Men K-1 500M: Scott BRADDON
                        2. SENIOR Men C-1 200M: Ben TARDIOLI
                        3. U17 Men C-1 200m: Adam RICHARD
                        4. U17 Men K-1 200m: Alexander HOFEREK
                        5. JUNIOR Women K-1 1000M: August SIBTHORPE
                        6. U17 Men C-1 1000M: Adam RICHARD
                        7. U17 MIXED C-15 200m: Reid FARQUHARSON (Captain), Toshka BESHARAH, Olan BRADFORD, Maren BRADLEY, Jarod BRUSHETT, Michaela ERMANOVICS, Patrick FAHEY, James FRETSCHNER, Melissa GIBBON, Gisela GROSSMAN, Alexander HOFEREK, Olivia PUCCI, Emma RAINBOTH, Adam RICHARD, Alec SIBTHORPE
                        8. U19 Women K-2 1000M: Jennifer CROSS, Katie HOFEREK
                        9. OPEN Men IC-4 1000M: Stephen FRODSHAM, Zacharie RICHARD, Ben TARDIOLI, Lucas TARDIOLI
                        10. U19 Men C-2 1000M: Isaac FINKELSTEIN, Conor O'NEILL
                        11. U19 Women K-4 500M: Diana CARRANCO, Jennifer CROSS, Katie HOFEREK, Rachel MACINTOSH
                        12. U19 Men C-2 500M: Isaac FINKELSTEIN, Conor O'NEILL
                        13. JUNIOR Women C-2 200M: Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH, Courtney SPRATT
                        14. U17 Women C-15 500M: Reid FARQUHARSON (Captain), Jusrina BAWA, Stephanie BELLIVEAU, Toshka BESHARAH, Maren BRADLEY, Felicia DIONNE, Michaela ERMANOVICS, Clara GIBBON, Melissa GIBBON, Gisela GROSSMAN, Emma KEARY, Sarah MERSEREAU, Meredith MUNN, Olivia PUCCI, Emma RAINBOTH
                        15. OPEN Men IC-4 200M: Stephen FRODSHAM, Zacharie RICHARD, Ben TARDIOLI, Lucas TARDIOLI
                        16. OPEN MIXED K-2 200m (I.D.): Samuel GALAZKA, Fletcher SLOAN
                        17. U19 Women K-2 500M: Diana CARRANCO, Katie HOFEREK
                        18. U19 Women C-2 500M: Michaela ERMANOVICS, Courtney SPRATT
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