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Rhys Hill - Mortgage Agent

Mortgage savings for RCC members!

The Rideau Canoe Club is proud to announce a new partnership with RCC member and mortgage agent Rhys Hill.  Rhys has been a rideau member since the 90s, was a member of the national team for 10 years and represented Canada (and Rideau!) at 6 world championships and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.  

Rhys first got into mortgages after working with several brokers and seeing an opportunity to provide first class service and strategy for his clients. He likes to compare the mortgage process to that of an athlete-coach relationship, where preparation with your coach, having a mutual understanding of your goals, and working together to achieve those goals is the key to success.  Using the services of a mortgage agent is free of charge for the consumer, and allows them access to all different lenders and the best products available on the market.  

Rhys works at Capital Mortgages Inc. (Brokerage #10575) and is able to offer an RCC members discount!  Please contact him for details.  For every mortgage over $200,000 he will also donate $100 to the canoe club! 

Send him an email at rhys@hillmortgages.ca, visit www.hillmortgages.ca or call 613-323-3684.