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FL!P Physiotherapy Centre

Fl!p Physiotherapy Centre
 is committed to early intervention for timely return-to-play for youth athletes and the youth athlete at heart! 

Fl!p Physiotherapy Centre are Registered Physiotherapists who cultivate an energetic, enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere in the heart of Westboro. They honour the 4 elements of FL!P’s mission: Faster recoveries, Lasting results, Injury Prevention & Personal care!

They are all passionate in helping you overcome and prevent injuries and will work hard to help you enjoy your active life.

They encourage early intervention. If you/someone you know gets hurt they’ll do their best to see you ASAP. The first few minutes/hours
are critical to recovery, so don’t wait around watching paint dry and your injury worsen – contact them or book online!

Book online: www.flipphysio.com