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Intro to Sprint Paddling Waiver

Paddling Pre-requisites:


Although no paddling experience is required paddlers must possess minimum swim ability. Prior to getting in 
boats participants must show they are a competent swimmer with the ability stay afloat in water without aid 
for 5 minutes and to swim 25 metres (any stroke). Instructors will assess swimming ability on the 1st day of the 
program so please come ready to get in the water. To avoid disappointment: if you are not sure please try it 
out these two abilities in a safe environment before you register for paddling programs. Space in some 
programs is limited and we would hate to turn another child away only to find your child cannot participate and 
has taken up a registration space.


*Please note: The Applicant is responsible to ensure minimum swim ability. If swim ability is not present the child will not be permitted to take part in paddling.



1. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Rideau Canoe Club, and further to behave in a manner consistent with the policies of the Rideau Canoe Club.

2. As a participant in a water sport activity, I recognize that there are certain risks inherent in the activity as a 
result of factors including but not limited to skills required for participation, number of people, water 
temperature, and weather conditions. I have prepared myself for the competition and know of no factor or 
condition which should be disclosed to the instructor/coach/counselor/supervisor or which would make it 
unsafe for me to participate. I, or my guardian, voluntarily assume all risks, both physical and legal including, 
but not restricted to, loss of or damage to property, and personal injury including permanent disability or death.

3. As a condition of participation, I hereby waive my right to make any claim, whether for negligence or

otherwise, against the Rideau Canoe Club, the City of Ottawa, their sponsors, partners, and/or associates. I

further agree to indemnify and hold harmless all of the above from any claim made on my behalf or as a result 
of injury to my person or property. I recognize that participants are responsible for their own medical coverage. 
I hereby give permission to have the program leaders arrange for any emergency medical care including 
hospitalization, if necessary. In all instances where minors are involved, attempts will be made to contact a 
parent or guardian first.

4. I consent to the use and display of photographs/videos in any RCC publication, multimedia production, display, advertisement or web publication.