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RCC Parking Policy

posted May 18, 2012, 9:43 AM by Meaghan Davis
There are a few reasons why we are not parking on the field on a daily basis. The field is not zoned for parking so we are not allowed to park there by city by-laws. There is liability issue as well since we are not monitoring or managing the parking lot so if there is an accident we are at risk. Finally is the environmental damage that is caused by the large number of vehicles that are in and out of the field in May and June. By the end of this time it requires such major remediation to bring it back to a useable state that it compromises the use of the field for our camps kids, the Boy's and Girl's Club and our neighbours.

There are 100 parking spots by the Hog's Back pavilion, another 50 + behind the Rideauview Mall, 20 or more on Nesbitt Place and 20 in the club parking lot. So there is plenty of space within a 3-5 minute walk. Of course there is a bus stop and unlimited bicycle parking right beside the club house!

We did consider opening the field up on a limited basis but then it becomes a matter of managing it. When there is not a consistent policy that is to say the same rules every day, our staff and volunteers have had to deal with angry and belligerent paddlers arriving at the last minute and wanting a space. The cost and the abuse was deemed to be out of line with the benefits. We recognize that there is a slight inconvenience not being able to park on site but given the issues noted above we felt we had to protect the club and the field.

The field will have supervised parking for special events such as regattas depending on the conditions.