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RCC News No. 99 - February 19, 2010

posted Feb 21, 2010, 8:37 PM by Hector Carranco

RCC News No. 99 - February 19, 2010

We have been very busy working on different fronts, one of them being the head coach selection. Read the head coach update below.

The Commodore's Dinner didn't raise a lot of interest. We'll try again later in the year.

Meet the board, read the treasurer's and CanoeKids director's bios.

Paddles Up, take it away!

Hector Carranco


  • Head Coach Update
  • Commodores' Dinner Postponed 
  • Meet your board!
  • Coaches' Professional Development
  • Canoe Kids and Regatta Ready
  • Let the board HEAR IT!
  • Coaching Positions now advertised
Head Coach Update

by Sue Holloway, Paddling Director

Have you heard the saying "Nothing great is easy"? It is not easy hiring someone to lead our coaching staff and our club.  After a terrific start with excellent candidates we have run into a stumbling block.  We offered the job to two candidates who have both declined our offers unexpectedly for personal reasons.  We are very disappointed to say the least.
However, just like a frustrating race, we have to learn from this and move forward.  The Paddling Committee has met, the Board has been informed, and it has been decided to reopen the competition.  We are looking for the very best coach available and we are prepared to keep looking until we find the right person. 
In the meantime we are developing interim plans so that athletes' training is not affected negatively, and our coaching staff will have the resources they need to provide excellent coaching.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Hector.


Commodores' Dinner Postponed

The Commodores' Dinner is scheduled for next weekend and the interest has been really low. Just a couple of cheques and no on-line payments.

We have decided to postpone the dinner to a date yet to be determined. The cheques we received will be returned.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hector Carranco


Meet your board!

By Rosemary Irwin

This week, we would like to introduce Carol Kavanagh and Cindy Aldrich-Braddon.

We have had a request to include pictures with the introductions.  If directors send us a photo we will include it.  Otherwise, once all the Board members have been introduced, we will post the introductions on the RCC website under the People tab, and include pictures there.

Carol Kavanagh (Treasurer)

Carol has a BA in Psychology from Carleton University , was a freelance graphic designer for many years, and is the mother of five active children, two of whom are competitive paddlers at RCC. Two more are looking forward to growing into the sport.
Carol's family's six years of involvement with RCC opened her eyes to the sports world and RCC continues to provide a great environment in which to observe the incredible array of contributions of the membership to the club and to the community.
Carol has felt privileged to serve the club in the role of Treasurer since June 2008 and is welcoming of any and all collaborators.

Cindy Aldrich-Braddon (Canoe Kids/Regatta Ready Coordinator)

My first exposure to the Rideau Canoe Club was through my children Kate and Scott.  They attended Canoe Kids for a couple of years and they loved it.  Before we knew it, both kids were enrolled in the Bantam program and our summers were filled with boats, regattas and potluck dinners.

Soon after, Jeff and I became interested in the sport and we enrolled in the Masters program, paddling our evenings away.  As a teacher, I am able to give back to the club during the paddling season as Canoe Kids Director and as Bantam Representative on the Paddling Committee.  I am looking so forward to the upcoming paddling season and the completion of our new beautiful building!

NEXT WEEK:  Kris Foss (Secretary) and Mike Vanderveer (Fund-Raising)


Coaches' Professional Development

We are looking into the possibility of running an ELCC course on April 30-May 2 for the division.  Please let me know by April 9th if you have any members interested in enrolling in the course.  A minimum of 8 participants are required to run the course.
Remember, CKC has mandated that coaches must complete Comp. - Intro Part A (Theory A) and Comp. - Intro Part B (Theory B Teaching and Learning) before completing an ELCC course.
Upcoming Comp. Intro Part A
Ottawa - March 27
Ottawa - April 10
Upcoming Comp. Intro Part B
Sudbury - April 10
Ottawa - April 17
To register for the above course and/or see the complete list of upcoming courses please visit www.coachesontario.ca.

Ryan Blair
EOD Coach


Canoe Kids and Regatta Ready

The Canoe Kids program is a week long day camp experience focused on all aspects of safe paddle sports. Campers will be introduced to canoeing, kayaking, safety, field sports, basic lifesaving, leadership games, and crafts.

Regatta Ready is a two week pre-competitive program for young paddlers who are looking for more of a challenge than Canoe Kids but who aren't yet ready to commit to a competitive sprint racing program.

There will be 9 Canoe Kids sessions and 4 Regatta Ready ones. Tell your friends and family members to go and check the website for more information and to download the registration forms. The sessions fill up very quickly!

>> Canoe Kids << >> Regatta Ready <<

Check out the Ottawa Camps ad!


Let the board HEAR IT!

You know we are very interested in what you have to say and that you can let the board hear your ideas using the suggestions' box.


Coaching Positions now advertised

The following positions:

  • Development Coach
  • Bantam Coach
  • Canoe Kids Coordinator
  • Canoe Kids Leader
  • Regatta Ready Coach

are now posted in the careers page.

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

~ by Jimmy Johnson



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