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RCC News No. 92 - December 22, 2009

posted Dec 22, 2009, 7:47 PM by Hector Carranco

RCC News No. 92 - December 22, 2009

The 2010 Winter Olympics will  start in less than two months. In its pass through Ottawa and the region the Olympic Flame left a lot of good moments, several in which Rideau Canoe Club members were protagonists. Sue Holloway, Greg Joy, Mike Chambers, and Maburek Faris were torch bearers in Longueil, Brockville, Ottawa and Carleton Place respectively.

In this holiday season it is the time to get together and have some fun,;the high performance and development athletes had a Formal Christmas Party at the Wills' house. We (they invited me!) had a great time. Thank you!

The Expansion Construction, how is that going? That is the question I get asked the most. Read Peter McBride's report.

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Paddles up, take it away!

Hector Carranco


  • The Olympic Torch Relay - Maburek Faris
  • Suggestions? Let the board HEAR IT!
  • Boosters Bulletin December 2009 now available
  • Read CKC's Paddles Up!
  • Commodores' Dinner - Saturday, February 27
  • More Olympic Torch Relay Coverage
  • Expansion Report December 2009
  • ICF announces changes to the Olympic and World Championship Programmes
  • Rhys Hill is the new Athletes' Rep
The Olympic Torch Relay - Maburek Faris

By Graeme Lind

On Sunday December 13th, RCC member Mubarek Faris carried the Olympic flame through downtown Carleton Place as part of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.  Mubarek, who joined the Canoe Club this past summer, is currently a grade 12 student at Brookfield High School.

Mubarek applied to run with the torch through the activity-tracking website sogoactive.com, after Mr. Laderoute, his then grade 11 gym teacher, encouraged the class to do so.  After several weeks of logging the time he spent being active, he was contacted with the news.  "I was surprised!" says Mubarek, who, along with Sue Holloway and Mike Chambers, is the only other RCC member (past or present) to have carried the Olympic Torch.  "It was really exciting.. people cheering, taking pictures, TV cameras.. You feel like a celebrity for those couple of hours!"

Mubarek was the last person to run with the Torch in Carleton Place and lit the town cauldron.  The Olympic flame began its 45,000 kilometre trek across Canada on October 30 and will continue until February 12, when the Olympic Cauldron is lit in Vancouver to kick off the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Mubarek (left) can bee seen in the photograph with another student from Brookfield who also ran with the Torch.

Suggestions? Let the board HEAR IT!

The affairs of the Club are managed by a Board of Directors. The Board is a dedicated group of volunteers who try to make the best decisions for the Club. We are very interested in what you have to say. That's why we now have a suggestions box for you to let us know what you think because you input is important to us. Go to http://www.rideaucanoeclub.ca or click on the button below

Boosters Bulletin December 2009 now available

The RCC Boosters support the sport of canoeing. The bulletin's editors are Mike Scott and Bruce Raymond, who always are very well informed about the canoe and kayak world happenings.

Access the December 2009 issue by clicking here.

Read CKC's Paddles Up!

Paddles Up! is the official newsletter of CanoeKayakCanada. Click here to read the November issue:

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RCC Commodores' Dinner - Saturday, February 27

The RCC Commodores' Dinner will be on Saturday, February 27 at the St. Elias Centre, 750 Ridgewood Avenue, across Mooney's Bay Park.

Mark your calendars!

More details to come soon!


More Olympic Torch Relay Coverage

Thursday, December 10 the Olympic Flame was in Parliament Hill. Angus Mortimer wrote about it, read it here. On Saturday the 12 the City had a celebration in front of City Hall. I was there to see how Sue Holloway and Greg Joy along with Rob Marland and Elizabeth Manley raised the 2010 Vancouver Olympic flag in fron to City Hall.

Ian Mortimer also has a great coverage of these Olympic Moments in the City. Click here to visit his blog.

Expansion Report December 2009

By Peter Mcride - Expansion Committee Chair

A familiar plaintive cry heard by many parents within 20 minutes of departure on a trip they know will take hours or sometimes days. The stock reply is “not yet” followed up by the “how long and soon” exchange.

I have been struggling to answer the “how long” for sometime as it seems I am in more meetings than I bargained for as I drive by the barren Rideau Canoe Club and wonder like many of you… Are we there yet? My answer to myself is not yet.

While to many it may appear nothing is going on I can assure you that the opposite is the case. The reality is that what hasn’t happened is the communication from me in this forum and for that I apologize, though rest assured that the Board has been regularly advised of the process and progress.

By way of analogy I would describe the process of the expansion as heavily invested in training for the big event (planning, engineering and revision) and the actual construction, while no small event, is a series of races and the prize is having everyone back in their home away from home – The Club.

We are now in the race phase of the build and you should start to see some fairly dramatic changes at the site. Steel has arrived for the front third of the floor that was removed during demolition. The floor decking should be completed by this coming week allowing for concrete placement that is to be scheduled, with footings for the new western deck and structural enhancements for seismic needs at the waterside storage bays.

The structural steel frame for the building that supports the building envelope is to be delivered by mid-January and erection should be completed by the end of January. Once the steel frame is up, other contractors are poised to commence the infill of the steel frame with metal studs and then clad with the roof and wall finishes within the first week of February.

Are We There Yet? No, we still have many more races to run before the no becomes a yes but I can say we are very fortunate to have the guidance of WAIDT Construction (Trevor Woodside) as we work our way through those races.

Trevor has assigned Monte Pickard (Site and Trades Management) to get and keep the project moving. Monte’s knowledge, skills and ability, along with his affable good cheer, are a welcome experience on the project.

Equally, the staff at J. L. Richards and Associates has provided architectural vision, sound design advice and value engineering directed at keeping us on course. Brian Davies (Director and Chief Engineer), Marsh Frere (Architect), Alma Rahmani (Intern Architect) and our very own Bliss Edwards (Planner) know all the rules and present a path for success that is seamless and have been a pleasure to work with.

Our racing partner for the prize has been the City of Ottawa and we have been lucky on the draw. Councillor Maria McRae continues to work very diligently on behalf of the project and is updated weekly on progress via City staff. The all-star cast of staff is lead by Josee Helie (Program Manager, Recreation Planning and Facility Development), Renée Proteau (Project Manager Recreation Development), Paul Hussar (Program Manager, Design and Construction Architecture) and Ian Craig (Project Manager, Architecture).  Like any good partner they have been a friend, a mentor and sounding board when trying to maintain the vision and discipline necessary for a winning outcome.

We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group working with and on behalf of the RCC and the Community.

Are We There Yet? No, there are thousands of hours of more work by many dedicated people pending or if you prefer…  …soon ?.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

ICF announces changes to the Olympic and World Championship Programmes

Friday, 18 December 2009

Olympic Programme

In August 2009, the ICF and IOC announced changes to Canoeing’s Olympic Programme for London 2012. These changes were made in direct response to discussions with the IOC, Olympic Broadcasters and many meetings within the Canoeing family. These changes mark the first for Canoe Sprint in 30 years and consolidate it as one of the top 15 Sports at the Olympic Games.

After the initial change, the ICF Board of Directors voted to remove the Men’s C2 500m from the Olympic Programme to make way for the Women’s K1 200m. The changes see more Women athletes in Canoe Sprint (from 29% to 35%) at the Olympic Games in London 2012.

Further, in the interests of keeping the sport exciting and appealing to international viewers, the August announcement included the decision to replace the three Men’s 500m sprint events with 200m sprint events.

These decisions have been extensively researched over the last three years and discussed at levels within the ICF including its Athletes Committee and ICF Technical committees.

The ICF President and the ICF HQ contacted 49 National Federations to discuss the implications of the changes to the Olympic Programme. The ICF considered the NFs’ feedback and modelled the programme accordingly.

The changes to the Canoe Sprint Olympic Programme will result in the Olympic finals being spread over three days instead of two days and allow for athletes to compete in more than one event should they so desire.

World Championship Programme, Canoe Sprint Changes

As the Olympic Programme has changed so too has the need to change the World Championship Programme. The main components are to keep the 2008 Olympic Games events with the additional 2012 Olympic Games events. The long distance events were added in accordance with the 2008 ICF Congress decision. Due to the success of Relay, Paracanoeing and Women’s Canoe, these events have been added. This makes a total of 28 events for 2010 Canoe Sprint World Championships.

About the changes, ICF President Jose Perurena commented “The ICF is excited about the direction the sport is taking.  The addition of women’s canoe in both Canoe Sprint and Slalom World Championships is a big step forward,” Perurena continued, “The move from 500m to 200m will see some very exciting races at the Olympic Games.”

To keep in line with these changes, the Junior World Championship and World Cup Programmes are also changing. Click here to see the tables of events for each programme.


Rhys Hill is the new Athletes' Rep

Rhys Hill, member of the national team for several years now, member of the 2009 Canadian Worlds Championships team, member of the 2008 Canadian Olympic Team was elected as the RCC Athletes' Representative to the Paddling Committee and the board.

Voter turnout wasn't huge but still good. Total number of votes was 28. Rhys received 57% of the votes.


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