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RCC News No. 105 - April 15, 2010

posted Apr 15, 2010, 7:45 PM by Hector Carranco

RCC News No. 105 - April 15, 2010

Last Monday night we had April's board meeting. Lots of work was done during the last month.

The different programs are filling up! Canoe Kids, Regatta Ready, Recreational, Dragon Boats, Paddle All, and the Sprint Programs: Masters, Bantam, Development, and High Performance.

We already have portable washrooms in the field and work is being done to have shelter for the programs and boat storage while we don't have the club house available.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant was announced!

Remember that your membership and program fees are due at the end of this month. You will be able to paddle only if you have already paid your membership and program fees. Click on the following links to download your membership and program forms.

Cold Water training procedures are still in place. Remember that coaches will consider weather/water conditions and determine whether to cancel a session due to safety concerns.

We'll have the Club Clean Up on Saturday, May 1st starting at 9AM. The containers and trailers need to be cleaned and organized for the programs. Any help --building racks, moving boats, etc.-- is welcome! Please send an e-mail to info@rideaucanoeclub.ca if you can help!

For new members we'll have the RCC Open House on Saturday, May 8. That same day we'll have the Swift Canoe sale.

Remember that it is a construction site, please respect the exclusion zones, your cooperation and undestanding is appreciated..

Short term pain for long term gain!

Paddles up, take it away!

Hector Carranco


  • Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant
  • Site Exclusion Zones
  • Find us in facebook
  • Teamwork Triumphs at the RCC
  • Commodores' Dinner
  • COLD WATER Training!
  • 2010 Sprint Coaching Staff
Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant

The Club was granted $42,800 by the Ontario Trillium Foundation! Thanks to many people who worked tirelessly for many hours we got a grant to help us building the handicap accessibility in the new Club House, as well as to buy boats for the Paddle All program.

Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and our volunteers.

This is another good reason to celebrate!


Site Exclusion Zones

This is the site plan that demarcates in red stripes the areas for exclusion by all persons save for those whose work brings them to the site.

The site exclusion area has been staked out and a red and white chevron tape affixed to mark the keep out areas. 

You must not enter the marked area and you are not to park any vehicles within the parking lot as the vehicles may interfere with the trades people and heavy equipment anticipated on the site.

It is a construction site. Persons found therein without cause and/or proper safety gear may be subject to trespass consequences and/or fines by the Ministry of Labour.


Find us in facebook

 Become our fan on facebook

Now we have a facebook page for the Club. More ways to be in touch. It was published this week and last time I checked it already had 126 fans! There  you can find pictures, articles, and more!


Teamwork Triumphs at the RCC

by Liz Elton

While the partnership with Brookfield High School was being negotiated last fall, coach Graeme Lind designed and led some unusual, challenging and creative outdoor circuit training workouts. A very popular exercise involved two huge truck tires which the paddlers hit with wooden mallets and rolled up and down the hill.  Sadly one of the tires rolled in to the river in early November and became stuck in the mud and the ice.

Last Saturday afternoon, an operation to retrieve the tire was launched.  With help from coach Lind in the motor boat, the massive tire was freed from the river mud. Using an impressive combination of brute strength and ingenuity, Commodore Hector Carranco, kayaker Gonzalo Wills and masters coach Grant Hutter hauled the rubber mass out of the river and tied it to the dock. When the water rises it will (hopefully) float to the surface and it can be pulled out.

Carranco and Wills graciously accepted the applause of watchers on the shore. Curiously, Hutter was the only one who got wet.

This is the kind of teamwork, creativity and sense of fun that has characterized the RCC for its 108 year history. With the ongoing renovations this year there will be lots of challenges and lots of opportunities for working together to find solutions. No matter what, we’ll all have a lot of fun!


Commodores' Dinner

The day is coming closer, just a couple of weeks, but we need to have 75 confirmed guests by Monday morning!

It is possible, in just a few days we went from 13 to 35!

I've heard people saying "I am coming if it happens". It will happen only if you come! Send an e-mail to info@rideaucanoeclub.ca letting us know you have mailed your cheque to be able to count you.

Everyone is welcome. Help us bring the Purple up!

Please send your personal cheque made to Rideau Canoe Club to:

804 Hogs Back Road,
Ottawa, Ontario
K2C 0B1

These are the details:

  • Where: St. Elias Centre - 750 Ridgewood Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1V 6N1
  • When: Saturday May 1st, 2010 - Doors Open at 6:00pm Cash Bar. Buffet Dinner at 7:00
  • How much: $38.00 per person
  • Who: Everyone is welcome! Members and friends of all ages.
COLD WATER Training!

We are in COLD WATER training until further notice.

The Club has Cold Water Training Procedures that must be followed:

  • All paddlers MUST wear a life jacket.
  • There shall be two safety motorboats in the water at all times.
  • Paddlers must stay within sight of the safety boat at all times.
  • Paddlers must stay close to shore.
  • Paddle in pairs.
  • Stop paddling if you hear the coach’s whistle.
  • In case of capsize get your torso out of the water as much as possible on to your boat and the person you are paddling with should help keep the capsized boat steady.
  • Coaches will consider weather/water conditions and determine whether to cancel a session due to safety concerns.

Regardeless of how experienced or skilled you are you MUST follow the procedures.

The dangers of cold water/weather are well known, including hypothermia and shock. This is why athletes, coaches, supervisors and volunteers must be fully prepared and trained for all situations and they must be aware of the risks.


Hector Carranco
Rideau Canoe Club

2010 Sprint Coaching Staff

On Monday, April 5, the Paddling Committee met with most of the coaches of the new coaching staff. It was a chance to get to know each other and team build as well as open up communications.

There was a review of the year’s goals and the overall plan including LTAD, team coaching and the head coach situation. The groups discussed their priorities for the season and determined their training schedules. Throughout the summer we will continue to have all-staff meetings as well as more frequent age-group specific meetings.

  • Bantam Coaches
    • Chrissy Bourassa - Coordinator
    • Gabrielle Paul\
    • Galia Carranco - Regatta Ready
    • Stuart Wilson
    • Ben Tardioli
    • Kaitlin Findlay
    • Lauren Arthurs - Full Day
  • Development Coaches
    • Graeme Lind - Coordinator
    • Lucy Wainright
    • Jonathan Blackadar
    • Robert Kuteyko
  • Masters Coaches
    • Conrad Hutter - Coordinator
    • Grant Hutter
    • Mark Singer
    • Chris Cameron
    • Kaitlin Findlay
    • Robert Kuteyko
  • War Canoe
    • Ian Mortimer - Coordinator

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