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RCC News No. 102 - March 6, 2010

posted Mar 8, 2010, 8:18 AM by Hector Carranco

RCC News No. 102 - March 6, 2010

Have you seen the building lately? The first floor is being closed!

What else has been happening?

Grant applications have been filled, some of them have already been accepted!Coaches are being interviewed. Canoe Kids and Regatta Ready applications are being received. Information calls and emails are being answered.

The weather is getting warmer, some athletes left today to Florida for the spring camp and more will leave next week. Come April and they will be paddling on the river. Then the course work...

If you ask me, we need your help! Please consider volunteering. It is for everyone's benefit. The first volunteer job for the new club house is now available!

Paddles Up, take it away!

Hector Carranco




New Board Members Wanted

Now that you have spent several weeks reading the “Meet the Board” biographies, you likely realize what a fascinating and diverse group we are, and how fun it would be to meet all of us.  Plus, you too could be featured in the column!

The Board is looking to fill two Director positions that have come available.  Any RCC member in good standing is eligible to be a Director.  Both positions are vitally important to the Club, and need to be filled as soon as possible to prepare for the fast-approaching paddling season.

If YOU are interested or would like further details about the positions, what is required, or the time commitment, please let Hector know (hector.carranco@rideaucanoeclub.ca).

Please consider stepping forward.  Being on the Board is a rewarding experience and a great way to become more involved in the Club.
Thank you!


Meet the Board!

By Rosemary Irwin

This week, we would like to introduce Kim Hodges and Rosemary Irwin.

Kim Hodges (Paddle-All Director and Recreational Paddling Director)

I grew up in Southwestern Ontario and moved to Ottawa the year that our son Drew was born.  I have a Music Degree and a Teaching Degree.  While teaching at Carleton Heights Public School , I was lucky enough to teach Ian and Angus Mortimer.  Ian soon became Drew's favourite babysitter and my favourite student.  Over the years, Ian would suggest that Drew should paddle and finally 2 years ago, Ian suggested it again.  Angus sent Drew his team card with a note that said "See you at the club this summer". That did it!

After one year as an observer, I decided to try to start the Paddle All program with the help of many others and to try her hand at Volunteer Coordinator.  This year, I hope to continue building the Paddle All program and to help with the Rec Program.

The thing that makes the Rideau Canoe Club one of those very special places is the people involved.  The Hodges family feels that the club is their home away from home and the people at the club are their extended family.

Rosemary Irwin (Registrar and House Co-Director) rosemary.irwin@rideaucanoeclub.ca
My first involvement with RCC was in September 2005, when I was searching for something different for a 10th birthday party for our eldest daughter.  By chance or fate, I came across the RCC web page.  We had a hugely successful dragon boat birthday party for 18 children (thanks to Ann and Matt Raymond).  That was it; we were hooked.  We purchased rec kayaks, and did an introductory kayak course with RCC.  Every year since, one or more children have participated in Canoe Kids, Regatta Ready, the Peewee Program, or the Bantam Program, and this past year I joined the Novice Masters.  This year we will have a child in each of the Peewee, Bantam and Midget programs, and I will continue in the Masters.
Outside of paddling, I am a lawyer for the federal government, working on Indian land claims.  My interests are paddling, reading, travel, and dreaming about our Bay of Fundy property in Nova Scotia .

Next week:  Sue Holloway (Vice-Commodore and Paddling Director) and Charles Slade (Regattas/Events Director)


Telus Grant for Paddle All

Today we learned from Telus that we were granted money for the PaddleAll program!

Congratulations to all the people involved in this application.

First Volunteer Job for the New Club House

Jeff Braddon and Wade Farqhuarson are working on the boat bays. The first volunteer job for the new club house is to move all the boat racks back into the boat bays and to do an inventory of what we have. Some of the materials are located under the boats in the trailer, this will require the boats to be removed to get it out.

The help needed for now is mostly muscle to carry the metal over to the boat bays. A truck may help but it could get stuck in the snow.

According to construction manager on site, the sooner we show him where the pipes and lighting can go in the boat bays the better. Which means this task needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Pleas contact Wade at wadefarquharson@bell.net and he'll coordinate the best time to do this.


Let the board HEAR IT!

You know we are very interested in what you have to say and that you can let the board hear your ideas using the suggestions' box.


Membership and Programs Forms Are Available

The membership and sprint programs fees have been released.

The membership fees are $275 for the individual and $550 for a family of up-to 5. A new policy for Boat Storage will be determined after the new boat bay configuration is finalized. Stay tuned.

The program fees have also gone up a bit, trying to keep up with the expected hike in the cost if operating the new building.

Use the links below to download the forms and register! Programs fill up very quickly.


Volunteer Registry

We are attempting to identify any qualifications or certifications you may have that would help the canoe club. Rideau has been successful for many years due to the teamwork and enthusiasm of it's member. All of us have a tremendous amount of knowledge that we could offer to the club, its now time to identify the strengths and be the number one canoe club in the country.

Here are some examples: CPR/First Aid, Coaching Qualification, fundraising, marketing, project management, computers, website design, motorboat operator license, maintenance, graphite and fibreglass repair, mechanic.

Please e-mail your information to Adrian Richardson (aadrianrr@hotmail.com).

Thank you for your support.



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