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RCC Dragon Boat News Bulletin 2 - June 1, 2011

posted Jun 1, 2011, 6:42 AM by Scott Seaby

Festival sessions start TODAY! There is going to be several people around the club so please arrive early.

Finding your team and coach:
During the festival period there are no boat assignments*. There are simply gathering areas. The areas are indicated by a post with a number on it. Coaches will come to the designated area to find your team. Please note that in several cases the coach will be on the water before your session so it is very likely they will be coming off the water and then going to the meeting area. It is important to have your team assembled and ready for when the coach arrives so that he/she is able to get you on the water as fast as possible. Please let your coach know if you have a new steers person.

The meeting areas are as follows:
  • Area #2
  • Area #4
  • Area #6
When you arrive at the club there will be a few places where the area assignments will be posted. If you are having any issues finding the assignments please ask one of the coaches (green shirts) or ask a fellow paddler. The assignments will indicate the team name as well as the assigned coach and designated area.

* In a few special cases the Nortel boat has been assigned. These cases will be indicated on the posted schedule

Paddles and life jackets:
Paddles and life jackets for practices can be found at the back of the building in the dragon boat bay. If you are having issues finding the equipment please feel free to ask one of the coaches (green shirts) or another fellow paddler. Individuals are permitted to wear their own life jackets if they prefer.

It has come to our attention that some teams have been smoking on club premises. Please notify team members that smoking is strictly prohibited on club grounds. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

As a result of heavy machinery and traffic from the club renovation last season the field is being regraded and new sod is being laid down. As a result there is no available parking in the field. Parking will available in Riverview Mall (area indicated by purple rectangle) and Hogs Back Park (indicated by red circle). We will have a staff member directing traffic at Riverview mall and this is your best option if you are seeking a spot close to the club. Please try to use alternate means of transportation or car pool as there will be limited space available. Ensure to communicate this to your team members. Please note that if parking at Riverview Mall you MUST park in the designated areas which are marked by blue and/or red government signs. If you park near the Quickie or the restaurant you may be subject to a ticket of $49.00. Please note that due to the increased volume of festival practices there will be even less parking available close to the canoe club club.

Riverview Mall

Hogs Back

Invoices have been sent out to teams and if you have not yet received your invoice please contact me and I will have one sent to you electronically. When payments are received they are entered against your account and can be viewed online through the portal. Deposits are made every two weeks so please note that although your payment may show in the online portal this does not mean that your cheque has been cashed.

2011 RCC Festival:
Once again this year we will be hosting our 4th annual RCC Dragon Boat Festival. It is going to be a great day filled with races and fun. More information can be found at the following link:


Scott Seaby - RCC Dragon Boat Coordinator