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Ontario Summer Games Results

posted Aug 13, 2010, 1:57 PM by Hector Carranco   [ updated Aug 13, 2010, 3:21 PM ]

This is just a quick update on the Ontario Summer Games. It was a beatufiul day, hot day. There were some upset athletes --and coaches and parents-- because they missed several races due to the tight program. Nevertheless we had great performances and results. Our girls dominated the kayak races:

K-1 1000m:

  • Alexandra Joy - 1st
  • Madeline Schmidt - 2nd
  • Alina Carranco - 3rd
  • Natasha Wills - 4th
  • Catrin Dimitrova - 8th

K-2 1000m:

  • Alexandra Joy, Madeline Schmidt - 1st
  • Alina Carranco, Natasha Wills - 2nd
  • Catrin Dimitrova, Sarah Murphy-Burke - 4th
  • Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh, Kate Braddon - 5th

K-4 1000m:

  • Alexandra Joy, Maddy Schmidt, Alina Carranco, Natasha Wills - 1st
  • Kate Braddon, Rown Hardy-Kavanagh, Jacqueline Houston, Jacqueline Moizer - 3rd
  • Courtney Brunette, Zaffia Laplante, Bridget Irwin, Katie Acelvari - 7th

In canoe Megan Sibthorpe competed in the C-1 1000m where she was 4th and in the C-4 1000m with other 3 EOD girls and they were 4th too.

The women C-1 and K-1 3000m will be run tomorrow at 7:30am because after a few seconds after the start it had to be cancelled due to a thunderstorm.

The boys, Zach Cameron and Nick McBride were the ones who suffered the most from missing races. They finished one and had to be at the start line for the next. Not always got there before the race started.

Zach was 3rd in the K-1 1000m and 7th in the K-1 3000m. In the C-4 1000m he was 6th in an EOD crew. Nick got a silver medal in the K-4 1000m in an EOD crew.

The Official Results are here.

Check the Ottawa Citizen for a report from yesterday and one from today on the Ontario Summer Games.