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Myers Drive For A Cause Fundraiser - March 1

posted Feb 24, 2014, 8:20 AM by Meaghan Davis
The RCC has partnered with Myers car dealership to offer a Drive for a Cause Fundraising opportunity.  Here how it works: 10 athletes attending the Florida Camp will have the opportunity to invite 4 guests each (must have valid drivers license) to do test drives at Myers Car Dealership on 1200 Baseline Rd. on Saturday, March 1.

For bringing in 4 guests to do a test drive, each athlete will receive $100.   Each athlete must be present to greet their guests and set-up the test drive.  If a guest does not show up to do a test drive, the athlete will not receive the full $100.  If a test drive leads to a sale, the athlete has the opportunity to receive an additional $100.

The first 10 athletes attending the FL Camp to email Lorraine.Lafrance@rideaucanoeclub.ca with the name of 4 guests for a test drive will be able to participate in this event.