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Chunky Most Valuable Coach

posted Oct 1, 2009, 1:43 PM by Hector Carranco

LA Schmidt, good friend and head coach of the Ottawa River Canoe Club has been nominated as the Chunky Most Valuable Coach.

There are a number of financial benefits both for the club, coaching development and the provincial sport organization. This contest is partially based on a popularity vote.  She is currently sitting 2nd in the standings.

Please follow the steps below to become a fan of LA.

Thank you,


Here is how to support LA in her quest to be the Chunky MVC.

At the top right of the home page it says "sign up" - click on this.
You need to create a MVC profile, which is your information.
Once you have done this, it automatically goes to "Nominate a Coach".

DO NOT DO THIS - There is only one nomination allowed per coach.

Go back to "Nominees" and choose LA - the one with her picture.

Her page will appear with her write up.  On the right hand side you can become a fan just by clicking "Become a Fan".  Your name will be added to her list of fans.

If you want to leave a testimonial you can - you scroll to the bottom, past all the other testimonials, and there is a space that lets you post your testimonial.