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The first day of competitions

posted Aug 13, 2009, 5:47 PM by Hector Carranco

Today we had the heats day: K1 1000m men, C1 1000m men, K2 1000m men, C2 1000m men, K4 1000m men, K4 500m women, K1 1000m women, C4 1000m men, K2 1000m women, K1 500m men, C1 500m men, K1 500m women, K2 500m men, C2 500m and K2 500m women.

From the club Ian, Angus, Rhys, Kristin, and Tory had participation. All of them advanced in their events to finals and semis. Ian advanced in his C4 1000m men to the semifinal, Angus and Rhys advanced their K4 1000m to the semifinal. Kristin advanced t othe final in her K4 500m and Tory did the same in her K2 1000m.

All the other Canadian athletes participating today advanced too. Mark Oldeshaw, Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny and Andrew Russell, Steve Jorens and Richard Dober, Jr., Adam van Koeverden, Tamlyn Bohm. Karen Furneaux, Andrew Willows and Richard Dober, Jr. and Kia Byers and Una Lounder.

I thought I was going to have an easy day and be able to able to watch the races. I was absolutely wrong! The teams from Mexico, Spain and Ecuador kept me busy most of the day with different details here and there. I hope they just settle down and let me watch starting tomorrow.

Du to this excess of work I could only take a few pictures. You can see them here.