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Live from Dartmouth, NS!

posted Aug 11, 2009, 7:55 PM by Unknown user

This is really exciting! And exhausting! 

At 9am I was already by Lake Banook. It took a little while to find my accreditation, put on my only t-shirt for the 4 days and get my water bottle. My volunteering position is “Spanish Spare” because all the other liaison volunteers met the teams at the plane and I was driving all Monday and was not able to do that. However I was able to hear a conversation about accreditations and confusion, in Spanish. I stepped in. It was Team Spain, including David Cal, 2004 Olympic gold and silver medalist in C-1 1000m and 500m and 2008 Olympic silver medalist in C-1 500m and 1000m. They took most of my day helping them with all the administrative stuff and the liaison person was nowhere to be found! So it was good that I was there to help them.

Before that I had the opportunity to see and say hi to Emily, Kristin, Tory, Ian, Angus, Ryhs, Andrew and Gab, Nicole, Genevieve, and the Argentinean team.

The course is gorgeous! Just look at the picture! The weather was not good –cloudy and rainy all day long—but the forecast calls for good weather for the rest of the week!

The excitement is growing, the preparations are getting done. I was told there will be giant screens –although they are not there yet—for everyone to enjoy the action.

Click here to see the pictures