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It's over

posted Aug 19, 2009, 4:31 AM by Hector Carranco

To attend this event was a great experience. I had the chance to talk to and help some of the most amazing athletes in the world.

I was always proud to wear my Rideau Canoe Club hat and to be the commodore of seven of the athletes representing Canada in this event.

Emily Raymond, Victoria Tuttle, Kristin Gauthier, Ryan Cochrane, Ryhs Hill, Angus Mortimer and Ian Mortimer, now have this experience under their belts. I am sure it will help them keep working as hard as they have done it for the past few years to try to be in Poland next year.

For our younger athletes they are an inspiration, a model to follow.

I was happy to see so many RCC members around the course enjoying our sport at its best!

You can find the final results at http://www.canoe09.ca/

You can find pictures at http://hectorcarranco.com/