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Canada Games

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Ontario Canoe/Kayak wraps up competition with 28 medals!

posted Aug 29, 2009, 4:37 AM by Unknown user

PEI -- Rideau Canoe Club athletes Ben Tardioli, Cheyanne Farquharson and Katie Findlay all contributed to give Team Ontario a final medal count of 28 at the 2009 Canada Summer Games.
Ben Tardioli captured two silvers on Friday, the first in the 200m C2 event with partner Roland Varga.. and the second in the 1000m IC4 with Chriss Abbott, Jared Trafford and Roland Varga.
Kaitie Findlay also brought it two medals on Friday, earning a silver in the 200m C2 with Nina Doherty.. and a bronze in the 1000m C2, also with Nina.
Cheyanne Farquharson added a fourth place finish on Friday in the 1000m K2. Cheyanne was awarded a bronze medal earlier in the week in the 500m K4.
With the help of these medals, team Ontario finishes the four day competition in second place, behind team Nova Scotia (with 31 medals) and ahead of Quebec. For a complete listing of results, please see the Canada Games Canoe/Kayak results page.

High winds cause havoc on Southwest River

posted Aug 27, 2009, 9:24 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 27, 2009, 5:52 PM ]

PEI -- Extreme high winds again caused problems for paddlers at the 2009 Canada Summer Games in PEI.  After cancelling Wednesday afternoon's 1000m finals due to "dangerous conditions", the Ontario team was back on the water early Thursday ready to battle the conditions.  However, high winds were present yet again and the 200m morning heats were far from a 'breeze'. 
In the afternoon, the 2000m direct finals proved to be a true test of paddlers boatmanship skills.  White caps and 40-50 km/h winds slaughtered the boats and crews were forced to carry bailers and even construct makeshift wave deflectors on the fronts of their boats.  Crew after crew sank in the rough waters and in many races less than half the field managed to finish the race.
But, Team Ontario perservered and stayed positive.. coming out at the end of the day with an additional five medals, inclurding our first GOLD!!  This brings the total medal count to 13 in just two days of finals.
GOLD- Rachel Marcuson C1 2000m
SILVER - Dustin Shaw / Chris Abbott C2 2000m
SILVER - Chris Mehak K1 2000m
SILVER - Geoff Clarke / Nathan Barton K2 2000m
BRONZE - Lizzy Bates K1 2000m
Special mention to RCC's very own Cheyanne Farquharson who finished fifth with Marianne Fraser in the K2 2000m.  Kaitlin Findlay will race in the 1000m C2 final on Friday.  Ben Tardioli will race the 200m C2 final and 1000m IC4 final on Friday.

Ontario captures EIGHT medals on opening day!

posted Aug 26, 2009, 2:27 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 27, 2009, 5:19 PM ]

PEI -- After a delayed start to competition (caused by hurricane Bill), the Ontario Canoe/Kayak team hit the salty waters of the Southwest River on Tuesday looking for hardware.  Advancing to ALL 500m A-Finals, the team managed to capture a total of eight medals in the first day of comeptition. 
The results were as follows:
SILVER - Rachel Marcuson / Talyor Potts C2 500m
SILVER - Chris Mehak K1 500m
SILVER - Lizzy Bates K1 500m
SILVER - Rob Clarke / Jacob Sosna K2 500m
BRONZE - Dustin Shaw, C1 500m
BRONZE - Dustin Shaw / Chriss Abbott C2 500m
BRONZE - Rachel Marcuson / Talyor Potts / Nina Doherty / Nicole Wong C4 500m
BRONZE - Lizzy Bates / Cheyanne Farquharson / Mariane Fraser / Tessa Oldershaw K4 500m
With special mention to our RCC paddlers:
FOURTH - Kaitlin Findlay C1 500m
FOURTH - Cheyanne Farquharson / Courtney Stott K2 500m

ONTARIO Canoe/Kayak Team

posted Aug 26, 2009, 2:15 PM by Unknown user

The Ontario Canoe/Kayak team, led by head coach Joel Hazzan, is looking to make some waves at the 2009 Canada Summer Games in PEI. With four athletes returning for their second Summer Games, the team features a strong combination of experienced veterans and young hopefuls. 
Leading the way for Team Ontario in men's kayak is the dynamic duo from Oakville: Chris Mehak and Geoff Clarke.  Both are coming off medal-winning performances at the 2009 Pan American Canoe Championships in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil (gold for Mehak in the K2 500m, and silver for both Mehak and Clarke in the K4 500m).

In men’s canoe, keep a close eye on Dustin Shaw of Mississauga, who captured silver in both the C2 200m and C2 500m at the same PanAm championships. 
On the women’s side, expect big things from the K4 500m and K2 200m teams.  The women’s canoe squad is full of young rising talent, and should also not be counted out.

With Canoe/Kayak athletes competing for the first time as U21, expect these games to be more competitive than ever before.
How did the team prepare for Charlottetown 2009? "We can't let our secrets out," states Team Manager Graeme Lind, "but it may have involved a steady preparatory diet of Cavendish french fries, and regular group readings of Anne of Green Gables before morning practice."

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