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Advertising in the RCC Newsletter

posted Apr 11, 2014, 8:49 AM by Hector Carranco   [ updated Apr 18, 2014, 5:27 PM ]
Only one 196 x 120 pixels ($600) space left as of April 18.

As part of the fundraising efforts we are offering advertising in our newsletter.

Why is it worthwhile advertising in the RCC Newsletter? 

Rideau Canoe Club members and friends receive it. We are passionate about physical activity in general and paddling is our preferred one, as a sport or recreational activity. Now with the partnerships and programs at Brantwood Park and Petrie Island we cover a big area of the City of Ottawa.

The RCC Newsletter has been published consistently since 2008. Since 2012 using an email service that allows us to better manage and grow our distribution list. In the last two years it grew from 548 to 825, and is growing every day! 

In those 2 years we have sent more than 150 newsletters: 59 newsletters in 2012, 85 newsletters in 2013 and 13 newsletters so far in 2014. The last one was opened by more than 40% of the subscribers, that is 334!

What are we offering?
 image with link to your website
 at least four newsletters every month during May to October (24 issues)
 at least two from November to April (12 issues)
 this is a total of at least 36 issues!
 the image and the link could be replaced once a month
 a link to the on-line newsletter link will also be posted in the RCC facebook page (630 likes) and twitter (53 followers)
 the advertiser provides the artwork in a jpg file with the right dimensions

How much does it cost?
 Top: 3 spaces of 196 x 120 pixels right below the header image - $600 per year + HST
 Middle: 3 spaces of 196 x 60 pixels right below the index - $300 per year + HST

For more information please contact hector.carranco@rideaucanoeclub.ca