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2014 Nationals and CanMas

posted Aug 25, 2014, 7:28 AM by Hector Carranco
A year from now we’ll be having the 2015 Canadian Sprint CanoeKayaK Championships on Mooney’s Bay. This week the weather forecast is perfect! High of 24, low of 11, sunny to variably cloudy, no rain. Let’s hope for the same next year.

Last week in Regina we had a very hot day on Tuesday, a rainy day on Wednesday, a overcast and windy on Thursday, overcast cold and windy Friday and Saturday. Sunday I heard was very cold and very windy, so much that afternoon CanMas races were canceled. 

Here is my version of what happened last week in Regina:

There were 41 clubs in attendance and around 700 athletes. We can expect double that number next year. In 2007 we had 1200 athletes competing.

Overall we were fifth place with 485 points. The top 5 clubs were:
  • Cheema 691
  • Burloak 668
  • Balmy Beach 549
  • Trois Rivieres 529
  • Rideau 485
The U16/U17 girls won the U16/U17 (Midget) Women Burgee! This group of girls are:

Alexandria Menard-Esteves, August Sibthorpe, Caitlin Stead, Charlotte Leith, Cindy Cai, Diana Carranco, Jennifer Cross, Katie Hoferek, Marilyn Irwin, Naomi Van Walraven, Rachel Macintosh, Rosalie Cappuccino, Samantha Lafranc, Vanessa Arbour and Alina Carranco as the C-15 captain.

Well done!
August Sibthorpe                                                      Scott Braddon

Canadian Champions

The Mike Scott Lounge walls will have new crews hanging from them! These were the seven 2014 gold medalists and 2014 Canadian Champions:
  • U17 Women K-1 200m -  August Sibthorpe
  • U17 Women K-1 500m -  August Sibthorpe
  • U16 Men K-1 1000m - Scott Braddon
  • U17 Women K-2 500m -  August Sibthorpe, Naomi Van Walraven
  • Master Men C-1 1000m - Carl Jette
  • U17 Mixed C-15 200m -  Stuart Wilson (Captain), Vanessa Arbour, Scott Braddon, Nick Brownlie, David Carranco, Diana Carranco, Jennifer Cross, Lochlen Farquharson, Marilyn Irwin, Nigel Mcintyre, Alexandria Menard-Esteves, Tiegan Scott, August Sibthorpe, Joseph Spratt, Naomi Vanwalraven
  • U19 Mixed C-15 200m -  Ian Mortimer (Captain), Katie Acelvari, Kate Braddon, Alec Bradford, Davis Evans, Stephen Frodsham, Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh, Allison Keller, Rachel Macintosh, Zachary Porter, Zacharie Richard, Madeline Schmidt, Megan Sibthorpe, Aiden Stead, Lucas Tardioli
                     Carl Jette                                          Naomi van Walraven and August Sibthorpe

In total our athletes brought 39 medals from Regina: the 7 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze. The silver and bronze medalists were:
Silver medalists
  • Junior Men C-1 500m - Drew Hodges
  • U17 Women K-1 6000m - Naomi Van Walraven
  • Senior Men K-1 500m - Angus Mortimer
  • U19 Women K-1 1000m - Kate Braddon
  • U19 Women C-1 1000m - Megan Sibthorpe
  • Senior Men K-1 1000m - Angus Mortimer
  • U17 Men K-4 1000m - Scott Braddon, Lochlen Farquharson, Joseph Spratt, Aiden Stead
  • U19 Women K-2 1000m - Kate Braddon, Madeline Schmidt
  • U19 Women C-15 500m - Ian MORTIMER (Captain), Katie ACELVARI, Vanessa ARBOUR, Kate BRADDON, Diana CARRANCO, Jennifer CROSS, Rowan HARDY-KAVANAGH, Marilyn IRWIN, Allison KELLER, Rachel MACINTOSH, Alexandria MENARD-ESTEVES, Madeline SCHMIDT, August SIBTHORPE, Megan SIBTHORPE, Naomi VANWALRAVEN
  • Master Women K-1 500m - Stephanie Parker
  • U17 Men K-2 1000m - Scott Braddon, Lochlen Farquharson
  • U17 Men C-15 500m - Stuart Wilson (Captain), Scott Braddon, Tadgh Bradford, Nick Brownlie, David Carranco, Bryan Davey, Lochlen Farquharson, Isaac Finkelstein, Chris Irwin, Benoit Lacroix, Nigel Mcintyre, Owen Rainboth, Tiegan Scott, Joseph Spratt, Aiden Stead
  • Senior Mixed C-15 200m - Wade Farquharson (Captain), Katie Acelvari, Alina Carranco, Galia Carranco, Natalie Davison, Frank Desrosiers, Cheyanne Farquharson, Drew Hodges, Allison Keller, Charlotte Leith, Angus Mortimer, Ian Mortimer, Emmett Schmidt, Ben Tardioli, Stuart Wilson
  • Junior Women C-4 500m - Katie Acelvari, Alina Carranco, Galia Carranco, Megan Sibthorpe
  • U17 Women C-15 500m - Alina Carranco (Captain), Vanessa Arbour, Rosalie Cappuccino, Diana Carranco, Cindy Cia, Jennifer Cross, Katie Hoferek, Marilyn Irwin, Samantha Lafrance, Charlotte Leith, Rachel Macintosh, Alexandria Menard-Esteves, August Sibthorpe, Caitlin Stead, Naomi Vanwalraven
  • Junior Women K-2 500m - Natalie Davison, Madeline Schmidt
Bronze medalists
  • Junior Women K-1 200m - Natalie Davison
  • U16 Men K-1 200m - Scott Braddon
  • Senior Men C-1 200m - Ben Tardioli
  • U19 Women C-1 200m - Megan Sibthorpe
  • U19 Women K-1 500m - Kate Braddon
  • U19 Women C-1 500m - Megan Sibthorpe
  • U19 Men C-1 500m - Stephen Frodsham
  • U19 Men C-1 1000m - Stephen Frodsham
  • U19 Women K-4 500m - Kate Braddon, Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh, Allison Keller, Madeline Schmidt
  • U17 Women C-4 500m - Vanessa Arbour, Jennifer Cross, Marilyn Irwin, Alexandria Menard-Esteves
  • U19 Men C-2 1000m - Stephen Frodsham, Zacharie Richard
  • Master Women K-1 500m - Meredith Curren
  • U19 Men C-2 1000m - Stephen Frodsham, James Hicks
  • Junior Mixed C-15 200m - Wade Farquharson (Captain), Katie Acelvari, Alina Carranco, Galia Carranco, Natalie Davison, Frank Desrosiers, Cheyanne Farquharson, Drew Hodges, Rachel Macintosh, Angus Mortimer, Ian Mortimer, Emmett Schmidt, Madeline Schmidt, Ben Tardioli, Stuart Wilson
  • Junior Men C-15 1000m - Wade Farquharson (Captain), Nick Brownlie, David Carranco, Frank Desrosiers, Stephen Frodsham, James Hicks, Drew Hodges, Angus Mortimer, Ian Mortimer, Zacharie Richard, Emmett Schmidt, Tiegan Scott, Ben Tardioli, Lucas Tardioli, Stuart Wilson
  • U19 Women C-2 500m - Marilyn Irwin, Megan Sibthorpe
In total we had other 39 crews making it to the finals after very competitive heats.

Congratulations to all the athletes!
Two U17 Mixed War Canoes!

Coaching and coxing

I also want to congratulate the coaching staff: Mike Robinson, Wade Farquharson, Ian Mortimer, Cheyenne Farquharson, Stuart Wilson and Alina Carranco. Great War Canoe coxing! We had 9 war canoes –the only club with 2 war canoes in one final,—all of them finished in their lane and contributed with 124 four points with 2 first places, 4 second places, 2 third place and one 8th place.

U17 Mixed War Canoe                                            U19 Mixed War Canoe
Parent Support

There was a great group of Rideau parents attending. The bonding, the food and the chat, the service to the athletes, the cheering, all was great!

In preparation for next year a group of members of the 2015 Nationals organizing committee met with different people from the 2014 OC to hear about their experiences and their advice.


There were 110 athletes registered for CanMas in Regina. Some of them competed during the week in the masters races. The weather forecast was not good for Sunday and this time the weather man delivered: 10 degrees, felt like 6, rain, wind gusts of 40 km/h! The afternoon was canceled.

What I know at the moment is that Rideau masters were 2nd overall behind Richmond Hill.

Mixed C4