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2010 Masters Regatta Results

posted Aug 8, 2010, 1:55 PM by Hector Carranco   [ updated Aug 8, 2010, 2:02 PM ]

Rideau Invitational Masters Regatta 2010

Saturday August 7 (9am start): 500m Sprint Races

"I was chatting with some paddlers from Mississauga who drove 6 hours due to traffic to get here. They said this race is the highlight of their year (they race a lot, apparently, and go to Welland frequently) and that today was the best ever. They are totally looking forward to tomorrow's Black Rabbit.

I am sure you heard the same from others, but I just thought I'd pass that on. And well done in the canteen,  the bantam girls were phenomenon."

--Linda Payne, RCC Master

Sunday August 8 (8am start): “The Black Rabbit” 12km Open

We set a record this year for the Black Rabbit 12Km with 60 entrants (vs 41 last year) as well as an overall winning time that was 90 seconds faster than last year. Congratulations to all who participated, and special congratulations to Gonzalo Wills and Karen Maclean, winners of the 2010 edition of the Black Rabbit t-shirt.

Gonzalo Wills and Karen Maclean

Apologies for missing several times: either times without recorded numbers, or numbers without recorded times. I've listed it all in the results, so if you didn't get a time you might be able to infer it from the data supplied.

We'll probably continue to run the Black Rabbit on the Sunday morning - it was wonderful today to not encounter any of the heavy motor boats that are prevalent on the river at this time of year.

Results can be found at the  2010 Masters Regatta information page