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Paddle All Online Registration

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The RCC now offers ONLINE membership registration & payment. Please read through the following instructions to help the process go smoothly.
1. To begin the process scroll down in the online registration box. Inside the online registration box, scroll down and click "register" 

2. Enter an email address that is checked frequently and will be used for communication with the Paddle All Coordinator as well as to receive invoices/receipts.  You will also receive an email from rideaucanoeclub@wildapricot.org with a password.

3. Choose 1 Paddle All program. If you are registering for Paracanoe, you must first register for membership HERE.

4. Complete the necessary information for 1 Paddle All participant for 1 session. If you want to register more than one Paddle All Participant, please see step 7. 

5. Please be aware of the updated Guidelines & Procedures and Waiver.  If you do not read and agree to these, you will not be able to complete your registration.

6. Continue to "proceed & continue with payment". Even if you choose to pay by check you must click on "proceed & continue with payment" to finalize the registration. ALL registration must go through the online system, but there are 2 payment options below.

7. If you would like to register more than one Paddle All participant, you must complete one registration before moving on to the next.  Logout, refresh the page and go back to step 1 and continue to register under the same registration name and email address.  Please complete the necessary information for each participant.

8. Once completed, use the password sent to log into your account to confirm your final balance.  Please review the payment options below.  You will also be sent invoices/receipts for each completed registration for your records.

9.  If you are using a MAC device, you may experience difficulties with the online registration.  Start by clearing your browser cache and using another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Or if you can, try using a PC to register.  If you do experience problems, your feedback is very helpful to solving the problem. Please email info@rideaucanoeclub.ca with a description of the problem. 

Payment Option #1 - Online
Complete the online registration form and payment using paypal or a credit card.  Once the transaction is complete you will receive a receipt for your records.

Payment Option #2 - Offline
Complete the online registration form and indicate you will be paying by check.  Once the online registration is complete, you will receive an invoice for the owing amount.  Once the amount is received, a receipt will be sent for your records.

In this cases, registration is only considered complete once payment has been received. Program fees are payable to the Rideau Canoe Club and can be submitted in one of three ways:
  • Dropped off at the admin office (Monday-Friday, 10 am to 6 pm)
  • placed in the secured Head Coach mailbox just outside the admin office
  • mailed to the address below:

    Rideau Canoe Club
    804 Hogs Back Road,
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K2C 0B1 

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