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Gala Fundraiser

Rideau Gala Fundraiser and Trivia Night!

It was a great… and it was not…

February 27, 2019

The Rideau Canoe Club Celebrated their 2019 Gala Fundraiser and Trivia Night at the RA Centre’s Clark Hall. The chicken dinner was great and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun!

Commodore Tom Hoferek welcomed everyone to the event and introduced City Councillor Riley Brockington who gave an update about the grant application for the money to repair the dock and build the picnic shelter, informing that a recommendation was made to the City’s Finance Committee.

The Silent Auction table had a lot of items - more than expected as there was a need to set an extra table at the last minute! After dinner all the teams had their phones and tablets ready to play Trivia! Thirteen teams were assembled and all of them had great fun answering to the questions posed by Scott Bradley who was the MC at the event. Participants had points for answering correctly and an extra point to answer it first! They could see the leaderboard after each answer adding to the excitement of all in the hall! In the end, team “Schrute Farm Beet Company” won the contest beating “Tressurer's Team” and “Finenine” by 3 points with a total of 207 after 5 rounds of Trivia ending with the Rideau Trivia round.

People had a lot of fun, some even saying it was “ex·hil·a·rat·ing”! (adjective: making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling.)

Thank you to all who came to support the Rideau Canoe Club!

After reporting on the successful side of the event, it is also necessary to discuss the flip side.

The fact is that tickets sales were very low compared to 2018 when we had 167 tickets sold, versus 90 this year: 54% of 2018. The cost of the hall was barely covered and there are still some expenses to be claimed. We also had fewer silent auction items donated compared to last year which means less revenue from that end as well! The event won’t be costing the club money but the actual profit will be around $2,200, compared to last year’s profit of $8,000. With the difference ( $5,800 or 72%,) for instance, we could buy the canoe erg the sprint program desperately needs, or more gym equipment for the growing U14 sprint program, or youth size life jackets for the Canoe Kids Summer Camps, and the list could go on.

The Rideau Canoe Club programs are doing very well: We are the 2018 Canadian Champion Club, we have 21 2018 Canadian Champion crews, we are 2018 Ontario Champions, we are 2018 Eastern Ontario Division Champions, we had athletes in all Canadian Teams competing internationally in 2018: Olympic Hopes, Pan Am Championships, Junior World Championships, U23 World Championships, Senior World Cups and Senior World Championships. More than 40 Rideau athletes will be in Florida for the next few weeks preparing for the 2019 competitive season. The five Rideau National Team athletes have already been in Florida for a few weeks getting ready for the Olympic Qualifiers season coming up this year.

But the fact that programs are doing well doesn’t mean that we are taking care of all operational and infrastructure needs. In reality, the more the programs succeed the more they require to be able to keep up with the athletes’ and participants’ needs. That’s why the RCC Board of Directors organizes fundraising events: to get additional resources to run the programs effectively. Although everyone who attended the event can agree that it was a fun and entertaining night, the same cannot be said for success of the event as a fundraiser.

This report is an invitation for you to get involved --to participate-- in the future fundraising activities to help the Rideau Canoe Club succeed!