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General Information

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Training Sessions
Most Adult/Masters participate in our coached programs, which run from early May until late October. Separate levels of coaching are offered twice weekly for introduction, novice, intermediate, and advanced Masters. Coached sessions run in the early morning (e.g., Wed/Fri 6am or Tue/Thu 6am) or evening (Mon/Wed 6pm or Tue/Thu 6pm) for about 75 minutes. New paddlers to the club must join a coached program for reasons of safety and logic. Experienced paddlers may elect to take out a basic membership and paddle on their own. A range of racing canoes and kayaks is available for all levels. Adult/Masters may also paddle on their own at any time during the week, subject to the conditions that are outlined in the General Guidelines.

About half of our Adult/Masters choose to race in some of the regattas that are held in Ottawa and the surrounding region throughout the summer. Distances are generally between 200 and 1000 metres, with 500 metres being the usual and most popular racing distance for masters. If you are a first-year paddler then you will enjoy racing in your only year in the Novice category. After that, you will race in the appropriate age category with other masters of all abilities. Race types include single, tandem and fours in both canoe and kayak. Canada's national masters regatta (CANMAS) will be held in Montreal this year in late August.

War Canoe
If you are moving to Sprint Canoe/Kayak from Dragonboat or other paddling sports, then War Canoe is an excellent stepping stone. War Canoes consist of 14 paddlers and a steersperson. Athletes kneel on a block as in C-boat, and use paddles that are much longer and somewhat wider than in Dragonboat. You will find that it takes much less time to establish your balance than it does in a smaller boat, so it is possible from the outset in War Canoe to make improvements to your technique, enhance your sense of balance, and get a great workout. Adult/Master War Canoe practices are typically held once or twice a week, usually in the evening.

Definition of groups
  • Introduction -  no balance required; will use the entry level boats (vipers and slenders)
  • Novice - able to balance in entry level boats (vipers and slenders)
  • Intermediate - able to paddle in a minimum of a delphine, malker k-2, or commander k-4 with the goal of being able to paddle in a lancer/rapier by the end of the summer.
  • Advanced - able to paddle in a minimum of a lancer k-1, regina k-2, or purple K-4. Advanced paddlers usually have at least 2 seasons of paddling under their belt.
Please view the program options HERE in the attached document below.

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