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2017 Rideau Masters Regatta

Rideau Invitational Masters Regatta 2017

Saturday July 8 - 5 pm start | Sunday July 9 - 9 am start

"I was chatting with some paddlers from Mississauga who drove 6 hours due to traffic to get here. They said this race is the highlight of their year (they race a lot, apparently, and go to Welland frequently) and that today was the best ever. "

--Linda Payne, RCC Master

2017 RCC Black Rabbit 15 Results (coming soon)

Entry Fees:
$25 per athlete
Please make a cheque to Rideau Canoe Club for the total amount for your club and bring it to the scratch meeting

Entries are due on Wednesday, July 5 at 5 pm
Please send you entries to mastersregatta@rideaucanoeclub.ca in the format: 
name(s)    club    event

Saturday July 8(5PM start) 

12km Open black rabbit race

Sunday July 9

Men C1 200m Men K1 200m Women C1 200m Women K1 200m Mixed C2 200m
Men C1 500m Men K1 500m Women C1 500m Women K1 500m Mixed C4 200m
Men C2 200m Men K2 200m Women C2 200m Women K2 200m Mixed K2 200m
Men C2 500m Men K2 500m Women C2 500m Women K2 500m Mixed K4 200m
Men C4 500m Men K4 500m Women C4 500m Women K4 500m Mixed War Canoe 200m