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RCC Dragon Boat Festival Information

R.C.C. Dragon Boat Festival - August 15th, 2020

Come out and join us for what's going to be an amazing day of dragon boat racing. The race distances will be 500m and 200m making for very exciting racing. This will be Rideau Canoe Club's 13th official dragon boat festival and we intend to make it memorable for everyone. Sign up now and book a team for this year's festival. Monies raised for this festival will help fund club facilities, new equipment, and help support our youth programs.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is $705 + HST. If your team would like to have a steers person OR drummer provided for all races there is a $85 + HST fee. If you would like both the fee is $170.

Date/Time: The races take place Saturday August 15th, 2020. Races start at 8:00am. The last race of the day is scheduled for 3:55pm.

Practices: Practices are booked through Scott by email at: dragon@rideaucanoeclub.ca

Categories: There will be a mixed category (must have minimum of 8 women, no minimum for men) and a women's category. Women's teams are allowed to have men as drummers and/or steerspeople.

Race Details: The race distances are 200m and 500m. Each team will be guaranteed 4 races. Teams will race a 500m and a 200m race. Based on the results in these races, teams will be seated into a 500m and 200m final. There will be 5-7 boats in all heats and finals. Final overall placement in the festival will be based on the combined time of the 500m and 200m finals. We will also be including a 1000m exhibition race for those teams that would like to participate, which will be immediately following your 200m final (you will stay on the water - small changes can be made at the dock if required). The long distance races will be a 500m loop.

  • Teams are permitted to race with a minimum of 14 people, and mixed teams must have a minimum of 8 women (no minimum for men).
  • All teams must have a drummer/caller.
  • There is no restriction on a minimum amount of men (for mixed teams).
  • Women are allowed to paddle for only one women's team and one mixed team. All participants are only allowed to paddle with one mixed team.
  • In the case of the 1000m exhibition race, participants may paddle for multiple teams if they would like. The aim of this event is for people to get racing experience and have a little fun.
  • Each individual must have a life jacket in the boat. We strongly recommend they be worn.
  • In all cases, the drummer and steers person must wear a life jacket.
  • The start procedure will be "Ready-Set" followed by a horn.
1000m Race Rules:
  • The 1000m race will start from the finish line in front of the club house.
  • Teams will start from slowest to fastest with 5 second intervals. Start order will be Lane 1,6,2,5,4,3 (this race immediately follows the 200m race)
  • Right of way must be given to the overtaking crew. A crew is considered to be overtaking when the bow of their boat reaches the stern of the boat being overtaken. Upon entering a turn the crew with the right of way may take the turn as tight as they want. All other crews must maintain their position in a turn. It is forbidden to pass during a turn unless clear water is present. Right of way for a turn is decided 50m before the turn, which is marked by a turning buoy. In the case of a two boats being very close going into a turn, right of way will be signaled by a race course official who is on the water.
  • It is forbidden to purposely slow down or obstruct a fellow competitor.
  • If a crew with the right of way provides clear water to an overtaking crew during the turn, then the crew with right of way must maintain the clear water provided to the overtaking crew.
  • Safety shall be the single most important guiding principle when racing the 1000m. All steers persons are to avoid collisions at all costs, even if the fault lies with the other crew. Failure to do so may result in immediate disqualification of the negligent crew.
  • On the final leg of the race teams may finish in any lane but your boat must finish on the course.
Team Captains Meeting:There is no official team captains meeting being held. If after carefully reading all information on this webpage, you should have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the judges stand. Additional waivers and roster changes can also be made at the judges stand.

Tents: Teams will be permitted to set up tents on Friday night. Please note that there is no security on site Friday night so you are leaving your tents at your own risk. There will be cones to indicate where tents cannot be placed. No tents can be placed close to the dock. Please set up tents on the hill or in the field.

Staging: There is only one set of boats being used for the festival. There will be dock marshals located along the dock, and boats will be loaded with their assistance. We ask that when boats are unloading you give time for participants to leave the dock area before loading your boat. There is sufficient time in between races to give you time to properly warm up. Boats will be marked lane 1 to lane 7. Boats will be positioned on the dock in order starting from 1 to 7.

Parking:Please reference the following link for parking information. It is very important to note that the bridge at Hogs Back and Prince of Whales is closed. Please ensure that you consider this when navigating to the club.

Awards: Final placement within the festival will be determined by adding your 500m FINAL and 200m FINAL times. Medals will be given to the 1st place finishers in the A Finals. All other finals will be given trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. In addition to the trophies, the 1st place team in each final will receive a case of beer for the team to enjoy at a future team social. Teams are not permitted to consume the beer on site.
Food: We are currently determining if we will be able to have a canteen this year. There are a variety of food options in the immediate area, including Tim Hortons, and teams are encouraged to bring their own food.

Equipment: The festival will be using BUK Dragon Boats. Paddles and life jackets will be provided, but participants will have the option of using their own equipment. We encourage teams to bring their own life jackets.

Safety: There will be a first aid team on site during the festival. In the case of an emergency please notify the officials in the judges stand.

Contact: For more information about the festival please contact: dragon@rideaucanoeclub.ca

Vendors: Vendor tables of the event can be purchased for $150 + HST

Location: The festival will take place at the Rideau Canoe Club, located in Ottawa.


Registration: Registration for teams can be done on-line. Please go to the R.C.C. website: http://www.rideaucanoeclub.ca/home/dragon-boat/rcc-dragon-boat-festival for the links to waivers and rosters. Rosters must be submitted by August 14th.

Payment: Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Cheques should be made out to "Rideau Canoe Club". Cheques, waiver forms, and rosters can be dropped off at the Rideau Canoe Club or mailed to the following address:

Rideau Canoe Club - Dragonboat
804 Hogs Back Rd.
Ottawa, ON
K2C 0B1

*If you drop your registration package off at the club, please ensure to include a note 'Attention: Scott Seaby - Rideau Canoe Club Dragon Boat Festival'.