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Rideau Canoe Club’s update on COVID-19
Dear Rideau Canoe Club Members and Friends,

We hope that this finds you well. 

We are thinking of those affected by COVID-19 in our community, and would particularly like to thank Ottawa’s first responders and essential service workers – a number of whom are RCC parents, alumni and Masters paddlers.

Rideau’s coaches are continuing to promote the physical and mental health of our athletes by providing online programming while the club is physically unavailable for training.  The Rideau Canoe Club community remains strong, and we as a Board appreciate the dedication, innovation and resilience of our coaches and athletes through this period of uncertainty.

You may be wondering about the recent announcement by the City of Ottawa to extend the closure of City parks and recreation facilities to the end of June.   While the Rideau Canoe Club runs independently of the city,  we must continue to abide by the restrictions and guidance of public health officials and Canoe Kayak Canada’s recommendations for clubs. We assure you that we are doing everything we can to be in position to safely resume programming as soon as possible.  .

We remain hopeful that on-water programs will resume at some point this summer.  To this end, and as mentioned in our last communication, your membership dollars are very much needed to ensure Rideau survives the financial impacts of COVID-19.  And to thank you in advance for your support, RCC is offering 2020 memberships at 2019 prices for both individuals and families until the end of April. 
  • Family membership - reduced from the 2020 $855.41* to the 2019 $742.41* until April 30, 2020.
  • Individual membership – reduced from the 2020 $406.80* to the 2019 $361.71* until April 30, 2020.
* Amounts include HST

You can pay in two different ways:
  • Send an e-transfer to admin@rideaucanoeclub.ca for the 2019 amount. Please add the name on the account in the notes. We will adjust the invoice for you.
  • Pay online. Go to https://rideaucanoeclub.wildapricot.org/ and login as you usually do. Select pay by credit card and pay the 2019 amount. We will adjust the invoice for you.
If you have already paid the 2020 fees, thank you. Please contact the office and we can discuss how we can apply a credit to your account.

Canoe Kayak Canada is monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 health pandemic on our national and international paddling communities. You can follow their COVID-19 webpage that has useful and interesting information relevant to the paddling community.

As of today the 2020 Sprint National Championships remain scheduled to take place on Mooney’s Bay at the end of August. We are working with CKC, monitoring closely the situation and will let you know of any change should that arise.

We hope that you will continue to support The Rideau Canoe Club and look forward to you paddling with us soon.

Stay safe,

The Rideau Canoe Club Board of Directors


Rideau Canoe Club’s position on COVID-19
COVID 19 has affected the Rideau Canoe Club just as it has affected all of our lives. As you may know, the Rideau Florida Training Camp was already in progress when the Covid-19 situation occurred. Our first priority was ensuring the safe and orderly return of our athletes and coaches while maintaining a positive and supportive environment. Since their return our athletes are following the necessary self isolation requirements while using creative efforts to continue training. Thank you to our coaches for their strong leadership and devotion to the Rideau Canoe Club during this period. 

Now, with Florida in our rear view mirror, our Board and coaching team are planning for our new normal with respect to programs and support for athletes. The Rideau Canoe Club is clearly affected by the economic slowdown. The Board of Directors is working on a plan to support Rideau coaches and staff throughout this period of uncertainty. 

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. Most members are due to pay their membership at the end of April. Please consider renewing your fees on time. No one knows when restrictions will be lifted. Membership fees help to run the club in good times and bad. Your membership fees will help Rideau survive this COVID-19 situation.

If you have already paid for your 2020 paddling program and your program is affected, please bear with us. We will make arrangements for you to get the best value for your money.

The paddling conditions are rough right now but Rideau has a strong crew and we can weather this together.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Correspondence to the Board can be sent to Fiona Smith Bradley, secretary of the Board of Directors, secretary@rideaucanoeclub.ca.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe,

Board of Directors
Rideau Canoe Club