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Canoe Kids Picnic Shelter

In the past few weeks you have heard about the Canoe Kids Picnic Shelter fund. I am sure you are wondering what is all that about. Here we go!

You may already know what the Canoe Kids Summer Camp is: a one week long full day summer camp for children 7 to 12 years of age. The summer camp is full of activities with canoes, kayaks, sups, dragon boats. The Canoe Kids Summer Camp is a very popular program of the Rideau Canoe Club. Last summer we had more than 380 happy campers during the 10 weeks that the program was offered.

Last summer the idea of having a place close to the entrance for the Canoe Kids Summer Camp participants to be dropped-off in the morning and picked-up at the end of the day was brought up. There were few advantages of having this place: 1) there is no confusion as where the kids will be dropped-off or picked-up; 2) the drop-off and pick-up would be faster helping with the traffic congestion in the parking lot and on Hog’s Back Road; 3) the participants and staff have a sheltered place where to rest and have the off-water activities; 4) the participants’ bags have a place where they can be contained in just one place.

To test the concept the club bought 4 10' x 10' tents to make a 20' x 20' shelter with picnic tables. The shelter looked beautiful!
until the storm hit..!
After the test we were sure the concept was right. Now we need a permanent structure capable of resist the inclement weather we sometimes have during the summer. Probably something like this:
We are working with the City and the NCC on the design and we are starting the fundraising effort that will include an application for a Community Partnership Major Capital Program grant which is on a cost-sharing basis between the City and community groups.

You can buy tickets to help us raising funds with club members, at the office or online. Online we are selling sets of 12, 24 or 36 tickets; we’ll put your tickets in the draw and send your ticket numbers by email.