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Canada Day Regatta

Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1st, 2012

                           United States                        Australia                         Puerto Rico                        Canada

Canada Day International Regatta
Entry fee 
For 2 days of racing is $60. This includes T-shirt, medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of A-Finals and banquet on the Sunday after the races.

Entries Deadline 
Monday, June 25th, at midnight EST. Late entry fee ($5 / race) for entries that don't add another heat.

Registration Forms

Please download the registration form. In this form you list your athletes.
Please download the entries form. In this form you list your crews.
U16 - Born in 1996 or after.
U18 - Born in 1994 or after.

Fill both and return them to canadaday@rideaucanoeclub.ca

Scratch Meeting 
Friday, June 29th, 7:30pm at the Rideau Canoe Club, upstairs in the weight room.

Race Course 
Click here for the RCC 1000m race course map location. 

List of events for the 2012 Canada Day Regatta 
Regatta to be run based on modified ICF rules and advancements.  
Provision:  Events to be offered are based on entry registration levels.

 U16 Mens C1 1000m 
 U18 Mens C1 1000m 
 Open Mens C1 1000m 
 U16 Mens C1 200m 
 U18 Mens C1 200m 
 Open Mens C1 200m 
 U16 Mens C2 1000m 
 U18 Mens C2 1000m 
 Open Mens C2 1000m 
 U16 Mens C2 200m 
 U18 Mens C2 200m  
 Open Mens C2 200m 
 U16 Mens K1  200m 
 U18 Mens K1 1000m  
 Open Mens K1 1000m 
 U16 Mens K1 1000m 
 U18 Mens K1 200m 
 Open Mens K1 200m 
 U16 Mens K2 1000m 
 U18 Mens K2 1000m 
 Open Mens K2 1000m 
 U16 Mens K2 200m 
 U18 Mens K2 200m 
 Open Mens K2 200m 
 U16 Mens K4 1000m
 U18 Womens K1 200m 
 Open Womens C1 200m 
 U16 Mens K4 200m
 U18 Womens K1 500m 
 Open Womens C1 500m 
 U16 Womens K1 200m 
 U18 Womens K2 200m 
 Open Womens C2 200m 
 U16 Womens K1 500m 
 U18 Womens K2 500m 
 Open Womens C2 500m 
 U16 Womens K2 200m 
 U18/Open Mens C4 (IC4) 1000m
 U18/Open Womens C4 (IC4) 500m
 U16 Womens K2 500m 
 U18/Open Mens C4 (IC4) 200m
 Open Womens K1 200m 
 U16 Womens K4 200m
 U18/Open Mens K4 1000m
 Open Womens K1 500m 
 U16 Womens K4 500m
 U18/Open Mens K4 200m
 Open Womens K2 200m 
 Open Womens K2 500m 
 U18/Open Womens K4 200m
 U18/Open Womens K4 500m
Para Canoe
 V1 Men's  LTA/TA/A 200m
 Masters 35+ Men's K-1 500m
 Exhibition Warcaone (C15)
 K1 Men's  LTA/TA/A 200m
 Masters 35+ Men's K-2 500m
 V1 Women's LTA/TA/A  200m 
 Masters 35+ Men's K-4 500m 
 K1 Women's  LTA/TA/A 200m
 Masters 35+ Men's C-1 500m
 Masters 35+ Men's C-2 500m 
 Masters 35+ Women's  K-1 500m
 Masters 35+ Women's  K-2 500m
 Masters 35+ Women's K-4 500m
 Masters 50+ Men's K-1 500m
 Masters 50+ Women's K-1 500m
 Masters 50+ Men's C-1 500m


Order of events 
Click here to see the order of events.

Everyone is invited to the banquet at the end of the second day --starting at around 4:30pm.
The banquet is included in the athletes' entry fees. For spectators the cost will be $5.00 per person.

$75.00 / day for a 12 x 12 spot in the vendors' area. Please contact canadaday@rideaucanoeclub.ca for more information.

A block of rooms has been reserved at Carleton University. It is walking distance to the club and Regatta site:

Prescott House – Suite style, single individual beds, 1 person/room/bed, 4 beds per suite or 2 double rooms, 4 people per suite with shared bathroom in suite and kitchen with a fridge and microwave. Cost is $38.50 ($43.51 incl tax)/person /night includes full hot breakfast. With 3 meals per day is $55.63 ($62.86 incl tax) Carleton can arrange delivery of box lunches to the RCC. For reservations, please contact Karen Dupuis: karen_dupuis@carleton.ca

For more information

 Canada Day in the Nation's Capital

Please visit the National Capital Commission (NCC) website for a full listing of Canada Day events in Ottawa: www.canadascapital.gc.ca/canadaday 

 Regatta Contact Information

For more information email us at canadaday@rideaucanoeclub.ca.