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Evening Circuit Training

RCC High Energy Interval Training Program
(Tuesdays and Thursdays March 21, 2017 - April 27, 2017)
Looking to get ready for next season? Why not try our high-energy circuit training class?  The workouts are suitable to all fitness levels and a great way for paddlers to stay in shape in the off-season.  The wide variety of exercises included in the circuits build strength, stamina, and improve overall health and wellness. Our facilities are among the top in the city, our instructor will encourage you to challenge yourself, and the group is welcoming and supportive.  Club membership is NOT required to join these classes, however you must register for an entire session (no drop-ins).

Some of the many benefits of this type of exercise class include:
  • improved cardiovascular conditioning
  • strengthened power output
  • improved muscular endurance
  • increased strength
  • flexibility
  • increased lean muscle mass/reduced body fat
  • reduced stress (due to endorphin effect of physical activity)
  • better sleep
  • revitalised energy levels
  • stronger immune system
Access to the Facility will be 8:00pm to 9:45pm, with the class running from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.  The RCC is equipped with changing facilities and showers.  Typical class structure includes a dynamic warm up, circuit work using a variety of equipment and free weights, and a cool down with stretches.  The circuits also include short bursts of high intensity activity to challenge the cardiovascular system.  

We also offer an option where you can join for half the sessions

Pricing is included on the registration page below

Join by signing up on-line - Register Now! The program will fill up fast so don't wait. For further information you can contact dragon@rideaucanoeclub.ca.

About the Trainer/Coach:

Sheri is a Y Certified Personal Fitness Trainer who works with people of all ages looking to become more fit, attain specific goals, and achieve personal growth.  Her expertise includes functional movement training, strength and conditioning, running, and nutrition for improved performance or fat loss.  She takes pride in her ability to deliver interesting and challenging classes, while providing a welcoming and supportive environment.  Over the past few months Sheri shared her expertise as a volunteer coach with the Ottawa West Little League during their winterball training, and is currently broadening her scope of practice with online nutrition coaching.  

Registration is only considered complete once payment has been received. Please indicate on your cheque that payment is for the bootcamp. Program fees are payable to the Rideau Canoe Club and can be submitted at the first session.