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AGM 2018

RCC Annual General Meeting

Thursday, October 18th, starting at 7 PM.

Rideau Canoe Club

804 Hog's Back Road

Ottawa, Ontario

K2C 0B1


1.    Approval of agenda

2.    Approval of minutes of the 2017 RCC AGM

3.    Commodore’s Report

4.    Financial Report

5.    Secretary’s Report

6.    Annual Report:

6.1.    Sprint Program Results

6.2.    Volunteers

6.3.    Sprint Program

6.4.    Equipment

6.5.    Canoe Kids

6.6.    Recreational Program

6.7.    Dragon Boat

7.   Election of Board of Directors for 2017-2018

7.1.    Commodore

7.2.    Vice Commodore

7.3.    Secretary

7.4.    Treasurer

7.5.    Directors: Eight to be elected

  8.   Introduction of the new Board of Directors

  9.   Adjournment 

Here you can find the monthly board meetings minutes

Here you can read the by-laws that refer to elections

Here you can find the proposed slate

Here you can download the proxy voting form

Here you can download the RCC By-Laws