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Canadian Sprint Team Trials 1 - 2016

posted May 11, 2016, 11:38 AM by Hector Carranco   [ updated May 11, 2016, 11:54 AM ]
From May  8 of our athletes competed at the Canadian Sprint Team Trials with different objectives and great performances. here are a few details of what they accomplished:

Natalie Davison competed in the K1 500m Olympic / Carding / Selection, the K1 200m - Continental / Carding / Selection and the K2 500m - Continental Qualifier. In the first one she made the B Final and was fourth. In the K1 200m Natalie made the A Final and was 7th and 8th in the two finals. In the K2 500 she had Monica Black as partner and they were 8th in the A Final. 

Lochlen Farquharson was there to get experience from competing at that level. He was in the K2 1000m Continental Qualifier against all the big guys with Scott Braddon as his partner. Lochlen competed in the K1 1000m Carding & Selection and was fifth in the C-Final. Finally he was 4th in the K1 500m Senior & U23 Carding and Selection D-Final.

One of Drew Hodges’ objectives was to give the big boys a fight in the C2 1000m Continental Qualifier with his partner Craig Spence, and they did! They were third very close to two great crews.  He also was competing with Craig for the C2 1000m U23 World Championships Spot and they were successful. In the Carding and Selection trials he was 5th behind 3 senior and his partner, a great result! He will be heading to the European tour in a few weeks from now.

Angus Mortimer was trying to qualify to the Continental Qualifier in the K1 1000m. He needed to beat Adam van Koeverden twice in two days. Angus made his best effort but Adam was better this time and he’ll represent Canada at the Continental Qualifiers on May 19 to 21. If he wins he’ll go to his fourth Olympic Games! After those two races Angus competed at the Team Selection trials and he beat everyone else in the K1 1000m and K1 500m. He will be going to the World Cup in Germany at the end of the month.

Maddy Schmidt is very happy with her performances. She is excited about the possibility to make it to the Olympics! She first was 4th in the two K1 500m Olympic / Carding / Selection finals. Then she was 8th and 7th in the two K1 200m - Continental / Carding / Selection finals. Her last event was K2 500m Continental Qualifier; Maddy had Michelle Russell as partner. Michelle qualified the K1 500m to the Olympics last fall but Emily Fournel beat her in the last race off and got the Olympic spot. So Maddy and Michelle ran the K2 500m and won the two finals on Saturday and Sunday. Now they need to wait for the second crew to qualify the boat at the Continental Qualifiers and, if they do it, race off against them at the Canadian Sprint Team Trials 2 in Montreal at the end of June.

Ben Tardioli was also trying to qualify to the Continental Qualifier but in the C1 200m. Ben had to win 2 races out of three and he did it in just two tries! Ben will be representing Canada at the Continental Qualifiers. Winning would put him closer to his Olympic spot but it wouldn’t be guaranteed because it depends on the C1 1000m and C2 1000m results, but the probability would be great!

Scott Braddon, the youngest of our paddlers competing at the trials was there for the experience. He competed with Lochlen Farquharson in the K2 1000m - Continental Qualifier. Scott was 8th in the K1 - 1000m - Carding & Selection B Final and 2nd in the K1 - 500m - Senior & U23 Carding and Selection D-Final.

Stephen Frodsham made the A Finals in the C2 1000m U23 Worlds and Piestany and the C1 1000m - Carding and Selection Final 8th. He was 3rd in the first one with Peter Lakner as partner and Stephen was 8th in the C1 1000m.