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Paddle-A-Thon 2013

In a warm August evening we had a very successful first Annual Rideau Paddle-A-Thon!

The Paddle-A-Thon is a fundriaser, this time for the War Canoe Fund that needs $18,900. It is also an opportunity to have fun as a team, as the club we are. In the end everyone will benefit from a new War Canoe, it doesn't matter if you are an atom or a master on anything in between.

Today we raised funds and have a lot of fun!

The evening started with the costumes parade: incredible! We had Peewee Pigs, Bantam Cookies and Baker, Midget Mermaids, Juvi and Coaches Finish Line. There were awards for the Best Group and the Best Individual Costumes. And the winners were... Midget Mermaids and Peewee MC Hammer!

Midget Mermaids Peewee MC Hammer

There was a great sense of camaraderie all night with Canada Games Athletes and coaches competing in relay races on sit-on-top K2s along with the atom, peewee, midget, juvi and junior athletes in attendance. There were awards for the first three places. Megan Sibthorpe's crew was first, Brendan Fowler's second and Drew Hodges' third. All of them got great prizes!

Sit-on-top K2 race Great camaraderie

The award of the Most Pledges Raised was for Samantha Lafrance who raised $400! We also had a sponsorship donation of $1,000 given within the Paddle-A-Thon framework by Strone.


The total amount raised was $2,300, which added to the $10,395 we have made a total of more than $12,600! Thank you to all of you who participated in this great first edition of the RCC Paddle-A-Thon! We really displayed the Might of the Purple and White!